April 20, 2024


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10 Recipes to Make in July


Some of my favorite summer recipes to make during the month of July. Whether it’s for 4th of July or for your favorite summer get-together with friends, we have included a cobbler recipe, pastas (for quick weeknight meals) and desserts! This list of 10 Recipes to make in July is a fun, delicious list.

Hello, July!!

I am currently packing for a summer vacation. After the last couple of years of nearly no travel, I am so pumped up to be traveling again. I’m headed to the Caribbean for a proper summer vacation. If you have any suggestions, let me know! 

In the meantime, I know 4th of July is coming up. And while it’s tough for me to celebrate this country, considering all that’s been happening with women’s rights in the last few weeks, I understand that gathering with friends and family is so very important. SO, here are some recipes I love: 

  • Coconut Key Lime Pie – this pie was recently put to the test against a variety of other pies (including Ina) and WON! Yes, this pie came in first place. And I completely understand. It’s absolutely delightful in its texture and flavor profile. It’s sweet and tart with a hint of coconut which gives you that perfect tropical vibe. 
  • S’mores Pavlova – Crispy chocolate pavlova layered with a marshmallow frosting, crushed up graham crackers and shaved chocolate. SO DELICIOUS! A perfect make-ahead dessert. 
  • Easy Peach Cobbler – This cobbler is topped with a cake-like topping with peaches that have been tossed in brown sugar, lemon and vanilla. It’s a classic peach cobbler that is just a summer favorite. 
Easy Peach Cobbler
  • Lemon Cake – I love this lemon cake; it reminds me of a box cake. It has a punch of lemon with a light fluffy texture.
Lemon Cake with Flowers on counter
  • Strawberry Biscuit Shortcake – Fluffy biscuits are layered with macerated strawberries and light, airy whipped cream. What a dream dessert!
  • Camarones a la Diabla – I made this last summer approximately 50 times. I made a big batch of the sauce, froze it in a few containers and warmed it up when we wanted dinner. I would saute some shrimp and pour some sauce over it. It’s the fastest 20 minute meal ever.
  • Basil Pistachio Pesto Pasta – This is a recipe is a classic because it’s how I make all my pestos, regardless of the nuts I use. Sometimes I use pine nuts, walnuts or even cashews. 
  • Pasta Alla Nerano – This pasta dish is delicious. Zucchini is pan-fried in olive oil and then blended until it makes a creamy, delicious sauce. 
  • Pork Katsu – This pork katsu has the best texture; it’s so crispy and crunchy with a tender inside. I love pairing it with a salad and mac salad, Hawaiian-style. 
Overhead pork katsu on plate with mac salad and salad

If you make any of these recipes, let me know on Instagram!


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