July 24, 2024


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5 Main Types of First Aid

A first aid training course generally teaches you about the various techniques that can be used to save lives. These techniques and skills are to be used during emergency situations to stabilize a person whose health is compromised. First aid must be administered to the victim until a medical team arrives. It is the first step towards saving someone’s life. Most professional companies and organizations have made it mandatory for all their employees to know first aid. However, even if you are not part of such a company, it is still good for you to take a first aid course. It will equip you with the necessary skills to face nearly any type of medical emergency that may arise.

There are a number of different types of first aid based on the victims. Listed below are five major types.

• Pediatric and Geriatric First Aid: If you have family members who are either little kids or older people, basic first aid is something you may want to know. The most frequent accidents at home are falls, burns, cut, sprains and bruises. An immediate medical response will prevent severe repercussions. Once you have things under control, you can decide whether you need to take the victim to your health care facility or not.

• Sports First Aid: Sports persons like athletes and players may sustain injuries that require special attention. There are specific courses that will teach you about all sports injuries and the medical aid needed to stabilize the victim until he can be seen by a doctor.

• Emergency First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): In the event of sudden cardiac arrest or arrested breathing, CPR must be provided immediately to save the person’s life. CPR is the most commonly used first aid technique.

• Occupational First Aid: Your health care organization or corporate office may appoint one specific person as first aid officer. He would be knowledgeable about the most common workplace accidents and their treatments. To take this course, there is a special training and you will receive a senior certificate.

• Isolated-area First Aid: This is mainly for people who love adventure and the outdoors. Accidents may occur while hiking etc. and they will need medical assistance. This course teaches you about the injuries related to outdoor activities.

There are courses available for all these types of first aid. According to your need you can decide which training you want to undertake. When you successfully complete the training you will receive a valid certificate which will need to be periodically renewed.

As an individual proving first aid, it is your responsibility to stabilize the victim and provide immediate relief. Usually your job is over once professional medical help arrives at the scene or he is taken to a hospital.

With so many accidents occurring everywhere you cannot only depend on your health care facilities. You need to take up certain responsibilities too. There are various first aid courses available online that can be completed easily. All you have to do is log-in and register yourself.