April 12, 2021


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All You Need to Know Before Hiring a DWI Defense Attorney

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If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, Houston DWI defense attorney will help you fight the charges. Being charged with DWI can be one of the most stressful situations you will ever face. Your first goal is to have a positive outcome where you are found innocent and free to return home.

One of the best advantages of a criminal defense lawyer understands that your legal defense strategy is the strongest available. You can’t take any risks with your life or your liberty when you’re standing before a judge and a prosecutor. You can try to argue from a position of strength when you’re going up against a seasoned district attorney. You must have an objective and skilled attorney to analyze which strategies are likely to work in your specific case. That is why hiring a qualified, experienced houston dwi defense attorney would be a great idea.

Complex Cases

Unfortunately, DWI cases can get quite complex. The charges you face can include jail time, fines, loss of driving privileges, and in some cases, jail time. You must retain a reputable and knowledgeable Houston DWI defense attorney today. He or she will work to build your case by gathering evidence that proves the arrest was incorrect and that the officer had no probable cause to arrest you. Your attorney will aggressively build your case by seeking to prove that the alcohol you had was at a reasonable amount for your age, physical condition, and behavior.

Reliable Houston DWI Attorney

The best part about hiring a reliable Houston DWI attorney is that they handle many different cases. A reliable attorney will be familiar with judges, juries, prosecutors, and other court officers and will know how to position yourself to best present your situation. They will not give up until they’ve accomplished everything in their power to ensure that justice is served and that you do not go to prison. Your Houston DWI attorney will help to put all of that at rest and ensure that you walk away from this unfortunate situation free and clear.

If you’ve been arrested for DWI, it’s necessary to hire a knowledgeable and experienced Houston DWI defense attorney. You are innocent until proven guilty, don’t waste time thinking about your options. Get an evaluation of your situation today and contact a criminal defense attorney who will review your case. The sooner you start defending yourself, the better off you’ll be and the less money you’ll owe the city of Houston for your fines and fees. With so many people facing criminal charges these days, getting out of jail on your own is crucial to your future.

Experienced DWI Lawyer

An experienced Houston DWI lawyer will be well familiar with the district attorney’s office, the judge, the prosecuting attorneys, and the procedures that must be followed when going to trial. The best defense is a good legal team working for you, and if you have been accused of DWI, a great plan is only as good as the people representing you and your rights. So whether you’ve already been arrested or are facing a second drunken-driving charge, contact a skilled DWI lawyer who can assess your situation and provide expert legal advice. Benavides & Finch are proud to provide expert legal representation to clients throughout the state of Texas.

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