December 9, 2023


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Bangalore and Beyond!

Holidaying in Bangalore leaves you completely spoilt for choice, because you have countless tourist attractions to see and activities to do! The biggest problem about Bangalore holiday is the management of your holiday time due to so much food, wine and scenery to savor. Pleasant weather round the year is the uniqueness associated about Bangalore. Getting to some of the ‘oh-so-popular’ sites in Bangalore is not exaggeratedly difficult. Figuring out where to go and how to get there, however, might be. So, peruse city reviews and online travel information sites to read about Bangalore and its best known (and hidden) places that you can visit while on a Bangalore tour.

A visit to Bangalore holidays would not be complete without indulging in all the culinary aspects of the region. All eateries and restaurants in Bangalore offer a different twist on traditional Indian dishes while offering myriad delicacies from all realms of the cultural culinary world. Diners will not be disenchanted with the menu selections offered and will often find a need to ask for a second bite or try something new. If you’re into various world flavors, restaurants in Bangalore will surely take you to new cuisine heights. There is something for every taste bud out there. 7th Heaven, Adaa, Adiqas Nalapak, Albert Bakery, Purple Haze, Tiger Trail, etc. are some of the most popular restaurants in Bangalore that serve special epicurean delights.

For an incredible shopping experience in India, look no further than Bangalore. The sheer number and variety of shops can hardly be surpassed by any other Indian city. Add to this varied shopping experiences – pedestrianised streets, shopping malls, markets and arcades – fabulous restaurants and eateries, and beautiful historic buildings all over the city; shopping in Bangalore isn’t just a trip to the shops – it’s an event! Some of the most well known places for shopping in Bangalore are the Brigade Road, Commercial Street and the MG Road. With the chance of seeing some of the country’s most famous landmarks as well, the ‘shopping in Bangalore’ experience cannot be beaten.

About Bangalore, the more you say, the less it will be. The city which has become the IT capital of the country takes pride in its hip and happening status. And to know more about Bangalore and if you do not want to miss out on any of the cool places to hang out in the city, just log on to the many online travel portals which compile all the restaurants, shops, pubs, hotels you can find keeping your budget in mind.