June 13, 2024


Cooking Is My World

Delicately designed dumplings by Dumplings & Desserts


COLORADO SPRINGS — Julie Auyeung, originally from Austin, Texas but has lived in the Springs for over 7 years started a family-owned business last year called Dumplings & Desserts.

She takes orders online through social media and she also pops up at farmers’ markets.

Auyeung dad is from Hong Kong and his dad owned a Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong when her dad was growing up. Her mom began her own small business when she was a child so she was also inspired to create and do something she was passionate about. 

She loves food and cooking so during the pandemic, she was particularly motivated to begin a business and she started with ideas of things she loved and hoped other people would love too!

All of her items are Auyeung’s original recipes and things she’s been making for her family and loved since she was a kid.

Instagram- @dumplings_and_desserts

Facebook- @dumplingsanddesserts

Website- in the making!

You can place an order or catering order by direct messaging on their social media.

Dumplings & Deserts will be at the Backyard market in Black Forest over the summer and potentially going to be at the CFAM (Colorado Farm and Art Market) Spring markets.


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