June 14, 2024


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Eating and Drinking Don’t Mix

While eating your meal, for the most part, do not drink with it.

This dilutes the stomach acids and digestive enzymes. It is best to drink 20 minutes before your meal – this helps uptake of nutrients and move bowels.

If you feel your mouth is just so darn dry while eating, that is likely due to being:

* stressed while you eat,

* eating in a rush,

* not being aware that you are eating

* secretory glands not functioning well due to drinking during meals [conditioned not to secrete]

If any of those explain you while eating, try to adjust. Your secretory glands will regain proper function once you train yourself not to drink during meals.

If you absolutely cannot avoid drinking during meals then:

* avoid cold drinks

* drink warm to hot teas

* avoid milk during meals

Drinking cold mucousy milk during a meal is like spraying foam on a fire. It totally kills it. The Chinese call your digestive system the triple burner. It burns from below and that fire works its way up properly digesting your foods. Cold milk and beverages douse that fire.

We had a patient come in to the clinic with chronic constipation for years. She was improving but not rapidly. She happened to stop by my website and read information about avoiding drinks and especially cold drinks during meals. Once she changed this, she now goes 2 times a day!


Give it a shot.


If you’re doctor told you to drink during meals – then by all means, listen to ’em. Also drink plenty of water while you take your fiber supplement. If you don’t you’ll have a big bunch of fiber sitting like concrete.

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