December 8, 2022


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I Tried TikTok’s Magnetic Spice Jar DIY and Here’s How it Went

I Tried TikTok's Magnetic Spice Jar DIY and Here's How it Went

My TikTok “For You” web page understands me nicely — and appreciates I really like a savvy property organizational venture. So when I came throughout this amanda_cleans online video exhibiting how you can make your individual magnetic spice jars, I experienced to check out it. Of class, you can acquire these spice jars if you want to skip the Do-it-yourself, but at $40 for a set of 15, they’re not precisely low cost. For a large amount much less expensive and not that substantially do the job, you can do it oneself. 

How I DIYed My Have Magnetic Spice Jars

I chose a established of 24 rectangular jars that arrived with labels and obtained magnets with dot stickers. I speedily acquired those stickers weren’t as challenging as they ended up created out to be, so out arrived the incredibly hot glue gun. With a coin-size dab of hot glue, I hooked up a person magnet to the bottom of each jar. 

Next was the pleasurable part: the labels. There’s just a little something about spice jars, all lined up, that is so aesthetically satisfying!

When I took the concluded jars to test them out, I observed that a person magnet was not going to be more than enough to continue to keep them. I was not all set to give up yet, so I added two, 3, and even four magnets to the base — which seemed ridiculous, as they had been all hanging out the aspect. So then I tailored my design to have a few magnets down one facet.

At this place, I was experience quite self-assured, so I stuffed the jars up with spices in preparing for what TikTok coined as The Fridge Test. Basically place, the spices should be equipped to continue to be set even when you slam the refrigerator door shut. Alas, the Pork Rub jar flew off and shattered all over the ground. 

What I Uncovered from DIYing My Possess Magnetic Spice Jars

Okay, so it did not change out just way I’d hoped. Even so, it is clear what went wrong: When the Pork Rub flew off the fridge, the magnets stayed, meaning the weakness came from the glue attaching the two. My assistance: Skip the glue dots and warm glue gun and go straight to large-obligation tremendous glue.

Also, if you system to set the magnets on the base, make positive you have magnets powerful sufficient to keep the pounds properly. The final detail you will need is a crashing-down domino effect when you are currently possessing a negative day and slam the fridge a tiny too tough.

Now off to the hardware shop I go to get some much better materials and try out all over again.