May 21, 2024


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Karlie Kloss and TikToker Emily Mariko Team Up to Make 2 Delicious Desserts in ASMR Cooking Videos


Emily Mariko and Karlie Kloss collaborate on tiktok

Emily Mariko and Karlie Kloss collaborate on tiktok

Emily Mariko/Instagram

Karlie Kloss got the Emily Mariko treatment!

On Monday, the duo gave us the ASMR collaboration that we didn’t know we needed. Mariko and Kloss joined forces (and swapped recipes) on May 10 to create one cooking video each for their respective TikTok accounts.

In the videos, the Kode with Klossy entrepreneur, 29, and lifestyle vlogger, 30, work side-by-side on two sweet desserts: chocolate-covered peanut butter-stuffed dates (a Mariko special) and nutty chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (Kloss’s go-to from her Karlie’s Kookies days).

In Kloss’s TikTok, the pair takes dried dates and removes the pits before stuffing them with peanut butter and chopped pecans. To take this treat to the next level, they then dip the stuffed dates in melted chocolate, let them chill and then enjoy the sweet treat together.

“am I doing this right @emilymariko,” Kloss joked in the caption. But it seems like the dates were a success as they cheers with the snack and happily eat them at the end of the video.

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Over on Mariko’s profile, the pair combine toasted slivered almonds and chocolate chips into a nutty chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough. They scoop out substantial cookie dough mounds onto a baking sheet, and at the end of the TikTok, the two split a cookie and adamantly enjoy it.

Both videos mirrored Mariko’s iconic filming style, in which she makes minimal commentary and allows viewers to hear every slice, mix and pour while she is cooking.

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Mariko rose to fame with her leftover salmon bowl recipe and more than 10.6 million followers continue to devour her cooking and cleaning content. Each week she shares a newsletter with directions for everything she cooked or created that week so look out for Mariko and Kloss’s recipes there.


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