April 17, 2024


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Latest Recipe Testing – Sally’s Baking Addiction

overhead photo of 30+ pumpkin muffins.

I really like sharing my recipe screening system, and even have an full portion on my web site devoted to Newest Recipe Screening. My crew and I have been chaotic in the kitchen area, making confident there are plenty of dependable, reliable recipes for you to try out this slide and getaway time!

overhead photo of 30+ pumpkin muffins.

Today I’m displaying you some of the recent recipe assessments in my kitchen, such as some winners… and some fails. With the start off of drop, I’ve experienced pumpkin and apple a-a lot, but which is unquestionably not all!

Have you had a recipe that unsuccessful not long ago?

The Perfect Pumpkin Muffin

When there’s no shortage of pumpkin muffin and cupcake recipes on my site, I have been on a quest to excellent the important pumpkin muffin recipe. Simply because occasionally you never want all the more-ness of pumpkin cheesecake muffins and pumpkin crumb cake muffins. Often you just want to swiftly whip up a batch of basically pumpkin muffins.

Basic does NOT have to equal tedious, and these deliciously delicate, moist, and flavorful pumpkin muffins are proof of that! (Even though incorporating some chocolate chips is beautifully appropriate.) This is the pumpkin muffin recipe you’ll want to make once more and yet again, since it is reliable, easy, and enjoyable.

To come across the perfect pumpkin muffin recipe, we analyzed variants of recipes by now on my web site:

  1. Pumpkin Cupcakes: Way too soft, light, & cakey to be a muffin. (While it absolutely can be!)
  2. Pumpkin Crumb Cake Muffins: So delicious. But a tad much too sweet to be an “everyday” sort of muffin.
  3. Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes: Yummy, but not sufficient pumpkin flavor.
  4. Pumpkin Bread: A favourite! But like the pumpkin crumb cake muffins, a tad way too sweet for an “everyday” breakfast.

The pumpkin crumb cake muffins (#2) and pumpkin bread (#4) recipes are so equivalent and that is what I ended up using—I just lessened the sugar. Like most muffin recipes, the batter requires a liquid. You can use whole milk, buttermilk, or any dairy or nondairy milk you appreciate. I really use orange juice in my pumpkin bread recipe, and you could absolutely use it in these muffins also.

ALL THE MUFFINS! The ideal pumpkin muffins are at the best:

3 baking pans of pumpkin muffins.

Creamier Salted Caramel Frosting

I have been working on this frosting for a extensive time and it’s far better than ever now: see the new & improved salted caramel frosting, and then enable me walk you as a result of the recipe screening.

The recipe has basically lived on my site for several years and some viewers ended up reporting trouble and recipe fails. Back to testing…

Workforce member Beth and I built so numerous batches in one day that we questioned if we’d get started looking at pop-up advertisements for dentists in our social media accounts, LOL. Frustratingly, the frosting batches kept yielding various results. 1 was too hard, an additional as well grainy, etc.

  1. 1st, we tested using cold butter vs. space temperature butter.
  2. And then we analyzed applying whole milk instead of cream.
  3. Then we modified the pan.
  4. And then it was dim or mild brown sugar.

You know dueling pianos? Well, we experienced dueling salted caramel saucepans going at one particular point, hoping to get this recipe to transform out properly consistently.

But it was not the butter, milk vs. product, pan, mild vs. darkish brown sugar, etcetera. The challenge was basically overcooking it! The recipe employed to connect with for boiling the caramel sauce for 3 minutes, which is just way too lengthy for my new stove. For genuine recipe accomplishment, you need a sweet thermometer below. The caramel should boil only until it reaches a temperature of 230°F (110°C), and then should really be taken off from the heat. The time that usually takes varies from stove to stove and pan to pan.

Also, make confident that you absolutely incorporate the melted butter and brown sugar Prior to including the significant cream and salt. If there’s a layer of oily butter on prime of the cooking mixture, your batch of brown sugar caramel will flip out grainy:

over-cooked and grainy brown sugar caramel mixture in pot.

And here’s the caramel if you cook it far too long. This is genuine authentic caramel that I in excess of-cooked, cooled in the pan too very long, then experimented with to transfer to a bowl. Can you imagine this as frosting? What a mess:

over-cooked caramel mixture in glass bowl.

The new guidance in the salted caramel frosting recipe indicate results. It’s sleek, creamy, and fudge-like and tastes amazing piped on apple spice cupcakes or unfold on banana cake.

Confetti Cake!

I will not go into also significantly detail below, but have you found this current confetti cake? Only a pair slight modifications to the old recipe—the cake is a little bit lighter, a lot more moist, and even less complicated to prep.

confetti birthday cake cut open to reveal sprinkle-loaded center.

Coming Soon: Crammed Chocolate Cupcakes

Spoiler alert: Later this week I’m publishing a new chocolate cupcake taste/variation. It is almost certainly my new favorite cupcake recipe, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

I was hesitant to use this chocolate cupcakes recipe as the base for this forthcoming variation. The chocolate taste isn’t as sturdy as it could be, and some audience have claimed possessing difficulty with the cupcakes sinking in the center. So I opted to check a pair new chocolate cupcake recipes:

  1. Take a look at #1: We utilized this tiny chocolate cake recipe and doubled the batter components. The flavor was a little bit meh, specifically in comparison to the next batch we tested.
  2. Examination #2: We applied admirer-beloved chocolate cake and halved the elements. The flavor of these was WOW. But they had been a little bit sticky, which designed them difficult to carve into for a filling. (Yes, the cupcakes will be filled!)
  3. Take a look at #3: We changed the buttermilk with bitter cream, to see if that manufactured the cupcakes a bit sturdier. It did, but the flavor was not as good as the buttermilk batch, and they weren’t as moist.
  4. Check #4+ (we misplaced depend!): We ongoing to play close to with buttermilk vs. sour cream, and the volume of oil and egg, but almost nothing could look at to Examination Batch #2 when it came to pure chocolatey flavor. But we did uncover that refrigerating the cupcakes for a tiny while right before cutting into them served a good deal with the sticky-soft texture concern. Keep tuned afterwards this week for the recipe!

I know these appear burnt, but it was strange lighting and this was taken with a cellphone. Tons of batches and loads of style testers experiencing frosting-fewer cupcakes:

chocolate cupcakes in various containers.

Not Coming Quickly: Pumpkin Evening meal Rolls

I assumed pumpkin sage meal rolls would be a big strike, but they turned out to be a massive pass up. Pumpkin on its possess doesn’t have a sturdy flavor, which is why we’re always including pumpkin pie spice to it in our baking. Utilizing pumpkin in a yeast dough will work for pumpkin cinnamon rolls, but possibly since of the sweet pumpkin spice filling.

But when pairing it with herby sage, flavor testers and I could not flavor the pumpkin at all. All the pumpkin did was convert the dough yellow. (Although the sage flavor was great!) My husband wondered why the supper rolls were being so… mustardy yellow. “Can you flavor the pumpkin?” I questioned. And he replied, “Tastes like… yellow.”

8 pumpkin rolls on marble counter.

Back to the drawing board! The team and I will preserve screening, and ideally come up with a improved version. Continue to be tuned!

P.S. I hope to keep on to publish far more and additional Recipe Testing posts, particularly when I get deep into my cookbook manuscript following year. Of course, my 4th cookbook is underway! 😉