June 14, 2024


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McDonald’s launches new Yubari Melon desserts starting from S$1


I’m not usually one for fast food, but if there was one chain I would pledge loyalty to forever, it’s McDonald’s. Their rotating seasonal menu is always something I look forward to, and this time, they’ve added some new players to the ring – Yubari Melon-flavoured desserts. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

a photo of yubari melon ice cream

Fun fact, these Japanese cantaloupes are one of the most expensive fruits you can find in the world. They’re intensely sweet, vibrantly orange, and some may even go up to around S$36,000 via auction. Don’t worry, McDonald’s isn’t going to break your bank.

McDonald’s new dessert range features a Yubari Melon Cone, which will go for S$1. Take a break from your usual Chococone order with the fruity flavour instead of vanilla, because this one looks like a fruity mouthful perfect for beating the dreary Singapore humidity.

a photo of yubari melon ice cream

They’ve also got a Yubari Melon Twist Cone (from S$1), where the perennial vanilla soft serve is mixed with this fruity dessert. If you’re looking forward to treating yourself, there’s also a Yubari Melon Strawberry Sundae (from S$2) for an extra fruity dessert, and the Yubari Melon Oreo McFlurry (from S$3).

Maybe McDonald’s knows how much we all miss our vacations to Japan. Their Hokkaido Salmon Burger dropped not too long ago, and here we are, with the perfect dessert to end our meal with. Itadakimasu!

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