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No-Bake Oreo Bat Cookies – Just a Taste

No-Bake Oreo Bat Cookies – Just a Taste

Skip the oven and whip up the final spooky sweet with a recipe for No-Bake Oreo Bat Cookies that take just minutes to make.

A top-down view of No-Bake Oreo Bat Cookies with bloodshot candy eyes atop fake cobwebs

Halloween is just one of my preferred instances of 12 months when it arrives to dreaming up fun and festive sweets, from the oh-so-creepy Halloween Hand Pies and Chocolate Spider Cupcakes to the spooktacular Witch Finger Pretzels and Candy Bark. No sweet is safe and sound from remaining transformed into a Halloween dessert hit!

A single legendary Halloween dessert previously missing from my lineup? No-Bake Oreo Bat Cookies. Double Stuf Oreos are the final cookie canvas that rapidly transforms into a creepy confection, and you by no means even have to convert on the oven. Dipping and decorating them is the excellent family members-helpful action when edible sweet eyes (I enjoy the bloodshot kinds!) complete the treat.

A top-down view of clear bowls containing Oreo cookies, chocolate melting wafers and bloodshot candy eyes

How Do You Make Oreo Bat Cookies?

The most vital tip to generating Oreo bats is to use the Double Stuf range of Oreos mainly because their thicker cream filling provides the required space to tuck in the bat wings. To make those people wings, you will be twisting Oreos aside and discarding the product filling. Crack individuals filling-less cookies in fifty percent and your bat wings are all set.

Dip the Oreos in melted chocolate chips or candy melts and then connect the sweet eyes to the best and tuck the wings into the sides. Just like that, a common cookie turns into a creepy dessert!

Chocolate-dipped Oreos on a baking sheet next to a bowl containing melted chocolate

Greatest Way to Melt Chocolate

The most straightforward, easiest way to melt chocolate is to use your trusty close friend: the microwave. No rocket science or fancy tools demanded. All chocolate versions will become perfectly melty in the microwave (even though white chocolate melts a lot a lot more quickly, thanks to less cocoa solids) and the vital is to go little by little. By microwaving in 30-2nd increments, you can effectively temper the chocolate so that it is a clean and ready to dip.

If you have obtained a lot more time on your hand, double-boiling will yield even smoother success. Place a warmth-safe bowl above a sauce pot with boiling drinking water (generating confident the bottom of the bowl is broader than the sauce pot) and add your chocolate of option to the bowl, stirring as it melts. The steam from the bowl will carefully soften the chocolate and retain it from scorching.

What Can I Use In its place of Vegetable Oil for Melting Chocolate?

Coconut oil is also an astounding choice to vegetable oil for when you are melting chocolate. It continue to permits the chocolate to melt efficiently and will also aid harden the chocolate on the cookies once they’re dipped.

A top-down view of bat Oreo cookies with candy eyes atop fake cobweb

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Prep Time 30 minutes

Prepare dinner Time mins

Total Time 30 minutes

  • Thoroughly twist apart 6 of the Oreo cookies and discard the filling. Break every cookie in fifty percent to type a complete of 24 wings.

  • Line a baking sheet with parchment or wax paper.

  • In a medium microwave-safe bowl, blend the melting wafers and vegetable oil. Microwave according to package deal directions. (If using chocolate chips, microwave in 30-2nd increments, stirring among each individual increment, until eventually easy.)

  • Dip one particular aspect flat side of each of the remaining complete 12 Oreo cookies in the melted chocolate. (It is essential not to coat the cream heart or you will not be able to insert the wings.) Arrange the coated Oreo cookies on the baking sheet. Whilst the chocolate is continue to soaked, area two candy eyes on each and every of the Oreo cookies to kind the bat eyes.

  • After the coated cookies have absolutely established, insert two bat wings into the product part of each individual Oreo cookie then serve. 

Kelly’s Be aware

  • It’s essential to use the Double Stuf wide variety of Oreos since the thicker cream filling delivers the necessary house to tuck in the bat wings.

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