April 20, 2024


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Rosacea Triggers – Hot Drinks

Do you want some great advice on how to reduce your Rosacea flare ups? I’m going to give you some information that can make this happen. This is a short article… it should only take you two minutes to read. But those two minutes could be incredibly important to you. Read this now if you want the Rosacea free skin that you deserve.

When we think about the triggers that cause our Rosacea to flare up, we tend to think about environmental triggers such as the heat from the sun, or cold biting winds, or maybe we think about food and drink triggers like spicy curries, red wines or dairy. But we don’t often associate hot drinks with triggering a Rosacea outbreak.

Of course, we may have considered the caffeine in tea and coffee as a potential trigger. But I want to talk about the actual temperature that your favorite beverage is served at.

In a recent study by the National Rosacea Society, forty-two percent of everyone that responded, claimed that hot drinks were the main trigger factor for setting off a Rosacea attack.

To emphasise that it wasn’t the caffeine that was the cause of the flare ups, the list of hot drinks extended beyond tea and coffee and included hot chocolate, cocoa, hot cider, hot Vimto, mulled wine and soup.

It was also noticed that the extent of the flushing seemed to be in direct proportion to the temperature that the drink was consumed at. So the hotter the drink, the greater the flushing.

The exceptions to this were the hot drinks which contained alcohol, these tended to cause flushing no matter what temperature the drink was served at.

So why do hot drinks trigger Rosacea flare ups?

Well it seems that the body responds to hot drinks in the same way that it does to spicy foods. The mouth receptors react to the temperature by sending a signal to the brain. The brain responds by inducing sweating and expanding the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin. It does this in an attempt to remove excess heat from the body, but as a consequence of extra blood flow through the dilated blood vessels a Rosacea patients face will often flush red.

So what can you do to reduce Rosacea flare ups due to drinking hot beverages?

The simple solution is to reduce the temperature at which you consume your drinks. Remember that the intensity of the outbreak is proportional to the temperature of the drink, so it follows that if you take your drinks cooler you will suffer a lesser effect.

Also, reduce then number of hot drinks that you consume, try to limit yourself to just one or two a day.

Finally, do not drink hot beverages that contain alcohol, in these drinks the alcohol plays a greater part in triggering Rosacea that the temperature of the drink.