May 18, 2024


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Succulent handmade desserts meet fresh all-natural flavors


(Good Things Utah) While most of us convince ourselves to pass over sweet treats in an effort to stay healthy, there is one shop fulfilling everyone’s sweet cravings without shaming the scale. Painted bright white and adorned in sprinkles, this shop is nestled among the city sounds and historic streets of Salt Lake City. The delectable destination, cleverly named Big O Doughnuts, has caused quite the stir in the community for its mouthwatering plant-based desserts.

The doughnuts here, made without egg or dairy, come in a wide variety of creative flavors like Churro Cake, Boston Cream, and Maple Bar. Each doughnut is handmade fresh every day, with the shop frequently selling out before closing time in the afternoon.

“All of our doughnuts are handmade, individual pastries. We have somebody here basically around the clock to make sure we can operate 7 days a week,” remarks Olivia Ziter with Big O Doughnuts. “In the evenings we have a baker come in and get the process started, then early in the morning, a glazer comes in to get them ready to go. Then when we’re ready to open shop in the morning, we have super fresh donuts every single day.”

In addition to their freshly-made doughnuts and pastries, Big O Doughnuts offers an assortment of delicious beverages including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, kombucha, and more. This female-owned business also works to support other local shops around the state including The Queen’s Tea, Hugo Coffee, and Old Cuss Coffee.

“We love to work with other local businesses with similar values. Whether that’s supporting animals or just supporting each other as smaller businesses, we love to do that.”

You can visit Big O Doughnuts at 248 W 900 S in Salt Lake City. Visit them on social media at

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