May 18, 2024


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Table booking software has four major benefits

The Many Benefits Of The Online Booking System | ET4

A Desk booking system benefits both a company as a whole and its employees individually. We’ve compiled a list of the top four reasons why you should consider desk booking for your office.

The first is. A higher utilization rate

Are there any empty seats in your office at the moment? The average office has just 38% of its desks occupied. Considering the number of hours you spend in the office – at your desk – just think about it. You probably don’t sit there as often as you originally thought if you take into account meetings, working from home, lunch times and break out spaces. When you multiply that by the number of employees in your organization, you can begin to see how much of your workspace is empty.

By booking desk time, you can monitor how much each desk is being used, and plan what to do with the unused space.

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Secondly, an increase in productivity

At some point, we’ve all walked into an office and spent a few minutes looking for a free seat. Sometimes you settle in a seat because a person is on vacation or out for the rest of the day – but when they return, you have to search again. It already increases productivity if people can come to an office, sit down and start working as soon as they arrive.

People might want to work with certain teams or individuals for certain projects, so allowing people to choose which desk they wish to work at will make collaboration easier and meetings can be avoided.

It is essential for a happier, more productive office to provide the workspaces people need, including the flexibility of choosing where they sit, with noise disruptions in the office rising.

The third point. Cost reduction

Generally, desk utilization is pretty poor in offices, leading to massive amounts of unused space and resources. Desks are not the only thing that takes up space, your company also pays for square footage. A 600 sq. ft. office, a chair, a computer, lighting, a phone, etc. Consider the cost of operating an average workstation if you look around at empty desks. If you are wondering how that money could be spent more effectively, consider the cost of operating them.

By ensuring you only have the resources and desks you need, desk booking software can help you reduce wasted costs.

Four. Encourage flexible work schedules

Since everyone has a different working style, you should offer workspaces and policies that enable people to work as they see fit. Even though millennials tend to be more open to working in different fields, it is important to remember the other generations in your organization also – they are more crucial for your success than millennials. The right working environment can prevent employees from becoming demotivated and frustrated, which eventually negatively impacts retention.

Booking software allows you to identify your different workers and provide flexible solutions for those who need them. Offering options to your workforce is a good way to start, as each individual faces their own challenges both inside and outside the office.