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31 Foods That Start With X | A Detailed List


Do you happen to be a phonetic fanatic or an alphabet connoisseur? Well, then I have good news for you. Today, I will list some foods that start with a specific alphabet. To be specific, we will list foods that start with X. Why? Because it’s fun and interesting.

Foods That Start With X

Personally, I thought there wouldn’t be a lot of foods that start with X. I haven’t heard about them in daily life except for a handful. So, you understand my inhibitions. But when I started searching, it opened a world full of new and interesting foods I hadn’t heard of. That made things exciting for me, and I wanted to share that with you.

Some foods that start with X are xanthan gum, xylitol, xylocarp, xinomavro grapes, xouba, Xmas cakes, xocolatl, xanthia, xiaolongbao, and xoi. Some of them are common terms, while some are rare and exotic. But these are not all of them. In fact, I have a lot more foods that start with X for you.

How many? Well, 31 in total, just to be precise. Some of these foods are just your known foods in another language, but it is still interesting to know. I have also categorized the foods so that you have a better understanding of them. So, let’s go!

Fruits and Vegetables That Start With X

1. Xiang Jiao

Let’s start our list with a simple one. Xiang Jiao may sound like a fancy name, but it is the Chinese name for banana. Simple, right? Bananas are the most popular fruit in the USA and worldwide. You can use it in smoothies, shakes, ice creams, sundae toppings, oatmeal, and cereals.

Some people eat them as they are, while some cook them as side dishes. Fried bananas, caramelized bananas, banana chips; there are endless possibilities. Bananas, or Xiang Jiao, versatile and absolutely delicious, should be discussed first. So, our first food that starts with X would be Xiang Jiao, known to English speakers as a banana.

2. Xigua/ Xigua Popsicles

Xigua is another Chinese word for something very familiar. Want to take a guess? Well, it’s watermelon. To be exact, Xigua is the Chinese word for watermelon. So, Xigua popsicles translate to watermelon popsicles. Watermelons are refreshing and delicious. They are your hydration boosters on hot summer days.

Want to know how to make Xigua popsicles? Just slice the Xigua into triangular pieces. Put a popsicle stick in the bottom and pop them in the freezer. Your Xigua popsicles are ready to enjoy! You can use watermelon to make summer coolers like watermelon crusher or watermelon and mint mojito. Everything to beat the heat.

3. Xilacayota Squash

Xilacayota squash is another item you’d recognize once I tell you its common name. Xilacayota squash is commonly Figleaf gourd or Chilacayote squash. It is a squash that grows on the vines and has black seeds. Along with its sweet fruit, the stem and leaves are also edible, which makes this plant all the better.

Xilacayota squash contains vitamin B8, the component D-chiro inositol, an insulin mediator, and is great for people with diabetes. The seeds of this xilacayota squash are also protein-rich. No, this food that starts with X also has many uses.

You can use many recipes; you can dry it, sauté it, or dice it and then cook it with other vegetables. You can also boil the squash, empty it and fill it. For your ease, let me use an example. You can cook your xilacayota squash in all ways you can cook a zucchini.

4. Ximenia Caffra

Ximenia caffra, or just Ximenia, is the fruit of the Ximenia tree. It comes from the Ximenia tree, also known as the tallow wood tree. The Ximenia fruit is also known as wild plum, hog plum, or yellow plum in different places. Although typically grown in tropical areas, Ximenia is also grown in Florida in the USA.

The Ximenia Caffra fruit looks almost like a tomato with a light-orange and yellow color. The fruit is sweet when it is ripe and has a strong and nutty flavor when consumed raw. People juice the Ximenia fruit and also use it to make jams, jellies, and many other things.

5. Xinomavro Grapes

Let’s talk about some rare grapes, and when I say rare, I mean rare. Xinomavro grapes are a grape kind so rare that only four vineyards grow them. The reason for this rarity? Well, growing Xinomavro grapes is no easy feat. They take a full year extra to mature compared to the other grapes species.

They also catch diseases and pests rather easily. This makes these grapes an affair of fairly high maintenance. That being said, Xinomavro grapes are considered the noblest of the red grape variety. These grapes varieties are indigenous to Northern Greece and are used to make delicious red wine.

6. Xoai

Xoai also falls under the list of food items guised in different languages. Xoai is nothing but the Vietnamese word for mango. Mango trees aren’t difficult to spot in Vietnam, where they have grown abundantly in the Southern provinces. There the trees get all the sunshine they need to grow and bear fruit.

One amazing Vietnamese dish made from Xoai is Gi Xoai, translated to Vietnamese mango salad. This delicious salad combines green mangoes (essentially unripe mangoes), shrimp, and a blend of fresh herbs like mint, Thai basil, and cilantro. The flavors of this salad are impeccable and make it a must-try!

7. Xoconostle

The Xoconoste, also known as joconostle or xoconoxtle, is the fruit of the Xoconostle and food that starts with X. This fruit is actually an indispensable ingredient in Mexican cuisine. The fruit looks like a pink and prickly pear and essentially has a sour and tangy taste.

It is used to make Mexican soups, stews, and moles (Mexican sauces). It is also used to make salsas and sometimes jam. Not just that, it also has a lot of health benefits. It has fiber content and is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and antioxidants. It is a super-fruit; it literally grows in the desert!

8. Xylocarp

Xylocarp is a category of fruits with a woody exterior and a fleshy interior. Some examples of xylocarp are coconut and durian. These fruits are usually tropical and can be used in several dishes. You can use coconut in desserts, drinks, curries, or just its flesh.

Coconut oil is used for cooking and baking purposes. Coconut water is another drink rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Coconut is used widely in Asian cuisine and is also seen in many cuisines worldwide. It also finds a lot of uses in the cosmetic industry.

9. Xihongshi

Xihongshi is another common food in another language. Let me give you a hint. It’s red, versatile, and a favorite in almost every cuisine. Get it? Xihongshi is nothing but the Chinese word for tomato. One famous Chinese Xihongshi dish is Xihongshi Chao Jidan, which translates to stir-fried tomatoes with eggs.

This dish is very simple to prepare and makes for a hearty meal. You need a very hot wok in which you can stir-fry your tomatoes and eggs. A cold wok would make the tomatoes soggy. There are more than a million other things you can use tomatoes to make.

Snacks, Condiments, And Spices That Start With An X

10. Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is a synthesized thickener and stabilizer used in many recipes. It is made by fermenting sugar using bacteria. The fermented sugar, which turns into a brothy liquid, is solidified with the addition of alcohol. This solid fermented is then dried and ground to make the powder known as Xanthan gum.

Xanthan gum is a thickener and stabilizer that is great for gluten-free recipes. It is added to sauces and salad dressings. It is also great in baked goods as it helps them to rise and bind. Xanthan gum also finds uses in the cosmetic and industrial spheres for the same binding and stabilizing purposes.

11. Xiangcaojing

Here are other ingredients disguised by language. Want to take a guess? The answer is vanilla. Yes, Xiangciaojing is the Chinese name for vanilla. Vanilla is an indispensable ingredient in many desserts and baked items. From ice creams to cakes, from cookies to muffins, vanilla enhances its aroma.

Many people use vanilla beans in their dishes, while others prefer some vanilla extract. Vanilla extract has a more intense flavor as compared to normal vanilla. It is rich in flavor with a concentrated flavor. Thus, you need only a few drops of vanilla while cooking. There you go! Xiangcaojing is another food that starts with x.

12. XO Sauce

XO sauce is another much-loved sauce, and its name is derived from XO cognac. The XO stands for “extra old” and is known for its amazing taste. XO sauce comprises shrimps, scallops, ginger, garlic, shallots, chilies, ham, oil, star anise, chicken broth, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and brown sugar.

The sauce has a hit of umami flavors and generally a spicy taste. This sauce originated in Hong Kong but is now used in many cuisines. It is generally added to seafood dishes to enhance their taste and spice. This chilly and oil-based sauce can also be used as a topping or dipping sauce for some dishes.

13. Xylitol

Xylitol may sound like the name of the medicine, but it is not. It is actually a naturally found alcohol present in fruits and vegetables. In total contradiction to my first line, it is also used in medicines and is extracted from the birch wood for the same purposes.

Xylitol tastes sweet and is used as a sugar replacement. The thing is that it’s better than sugar as it has about 40% fewer calories. Thus, many people consume it as an artificial sweetener while on their weight-loss journey. Although safe for humans, xylitol is actually toxic for most animals.

Side Dishes That Start With X

14. Xavier Soup

Ever heard of Xavier soup? It is actually a famous and traditional Italian soup. This dish is named after Saint Francis Xavier. He was a Spanish missionary in the 16th century. The soup has delicious parmesan dumplings made of heavy cream, butter, parmesan cheese, egg yolks, and spices, which are used to prepare the soup dumplings.

The parmesan dumplings float in a delicious chicken broth, and the taste is enhanced with plenty of fresh parsley. It also contains nutmeg, cinnamon, and red pepper flakes, giving it a Christmassy feel. This soup is offered around the December feast of St. Francis.

15. Xiaolong Bao

We all know that ‘Bao’ means bun in Chinese. Does this give you a hint of what this food is? Well, you guessed it right. Xiaolong Bao is actually the name for a Chinese steamed bun. The buns get their name from the bamboo basket they are steamed in, known as ‘Xiaolong.’ So, Xiaolong Bao means buns steamed in a bamboo basket.

The Xialong Bao comes with fillings. Traditionally, they are filled with a meat and pork mixture, but some people like to mix it up a bit. One such example is the Shanghai Xiaolong Bao, which comes with a pork filling seasoned with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and sesame. But this is just one example of its impeccable variety.

16. Xidoufen

Another food name is medicine and food; Xidoufen is another food that starts with X. First, let’s get over with the medicine part. Xidoufen is a listed ingredient in many antidepressant medications. Talking about food, Xidoufen is the name of a Chinese soup originating in the province of Yunnan.

Xidoufen is called pea porridge and is served with flatbread for a hearty meal. That’s because it is made by boiling peameal with some spices. The spices add heat and flavor to this soup. Some spices and flavorings in Xidoufen are ginger, garlic, spring onion, cilantro, chili flakes, and Sichuan pepper oil.

17. Xnipec

Xnipec (pronounced as “Shnee-Pek,” you’re welcome) is the name of a Yucatan salsa that tastes fiery hot. The work “Xnipec” is a Mayan word for “Dog’s Nose.” Salsa is named so because it is very spicy and eating it will make you sweat just like a dog’s nose. Interesting name choice, I must say.

As for what goes in this salsa, it is made with tomatoes, habanero chilies, onions, and tangy orange juice. Some other spices and condiments go into making this salsa. This fiery salsa is a great party dish and an appetizer. Serve it with nacho chips, or top your tostadas with it.

Main Course That Start With The Letter X

18. Xampinyons En Salsa

Xampinyons en salsa is a Spanish dish and is a tapas meal, meaning it’s served as a snack or an appetizer. The term “Xampinyons en salsa” literally translates to “mushrooms in the sauce.” So, it’s a dish where mushrooms are cooked in a delicious sauce made with sherry, garlic, and many herbs.

The twist here is that the traditional recipe calls for wild mushrooms. Even though your store-bought varieties work just fine, this dish tastes best when you add some wild mushrooms like Vierge, girolles, or ceps in the mix. Another tip is that refrigerate the dish for an hour to let the flavors know each other and then serve.

19. Xôi

Xôi is the name of a popular Vietnamese breakfast dish. It is made with glutinous rice and can be sweet or savory, depending on the other ingredients that go into it. Even though many people like to eat xôi as breakfast, it is also eaten as a dessert or at lunch and dinners.

Xoi can be served with coconut, mung beans, chicken, black beans, corn, or peanuts. It is so versatile that you can make a thousand different renditions of this dish. It is one of the most loved dishes and an important part of Vietnamese culture.

20. Xacuti

Xacuti is a flavorful curry that belongs to the Goan cuisine, which is part of Indian cuisine. Xacuti, which is pronounced as “sha-kooti,” has a protein as its main ingredient, which may be chicken, lamb, or beef. The curry is creamy, spicy, and made with coconut, dried chilies, and white poppy seeds.

Goan cuisine has Portuguese influences, and Xacuti is called chacuti in Portuguese. You can eat it with flatbread or serve it atop of bed of rice. It tastes amazing either way. So, this is another food on our list that starts with X.

21. Xavier Steak

Xavier steak is also named after Saint Francis Xavier, a Spanish missionary in the 16th century. The steak tastes amazing and will adorn your dinners. It includes a grilled steak of your choice topped with seasoned asparagus.

The steak is then drizzled with some olive oil and then topped with some Swiss cheese slices. To make the steak even more perfect, the cheese is melted with the help of a broiler, and there you have it! A fulfilling and heart Xavier steak!

22. Xia Mi

Xia Mi is another Chinese word that translates to “shrimp rice.” But Xia Mi is actually dried shrimp. The reason for this name is that the shrimp, already small creatures, when dried, become even smaller. So, they look small and look like rice grains, even though they are bigger than them.

Dried shrimp or Xia Mi can be used in the various recipe. You can use them in stir-fry recipes, soups, noodles, curries, braises, and even in dumpling fillings. They are sure to add the umami flavor to your recipes.

23. Xouba Fish

Xouba fish is the name of the Galician sardine, a small fish that grows only up to 15 cm. It is a fatty fish with amazing flavor and is one of Galicia’s most popular fish. Its flavor is impeccable but also high in the health arena. It contains a high amount of protein, vitamin A, and vitamin D. It is also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Xoubas can be cooked in several ways. You can grill them, cook them on skewers, add them to stews, or even pickle them. Xoubas are especially popular in Galicia during the summer and are often cooked outside due to their intense stench.

24. Xiphias

Xiphias is actually a Greek word for swordfish. Actually, the complete name is Xiphius Gladias. The term “Gladias” stands for gladiator, a name given to the fish because of its sword-like appendage at its face. The species Xiphias is originally from Greece, the Mediterranean Sea, and other bays.

The fish has a meaty texture which is very steak-like. You can grill it and serve it with stir-fried vegetables, sautéed, or marinate for deeper complex flavors. Swordfish are also known to be very brave fish. Now you know more about Xiphias, another food that starts with X.

Desserts That Start With An X

25. Xia Gua Lao

Now, let’s see some desserts that start with X. The first among desserts is Xia Gua Lao, the name of watermelon jelly in Chinese. It is a traditional Beijing dessert. The main ingredient in the jelly is watermelon, but it also has cherries, sugar, agar, and vanilla powder. Agar helps the jelly to set.

First, you must mix a syrup by heating agar, vanilla powder, and sugar. Fresh watermelon juice and sliced cherries are added when the syrup cools down. Then, all there’s left to do is wait for the jelly to set and then for you to enjoy it.

26. Xingren Donfu

Trying desserts with X? Well, don’t miss out, Xingren Donfu. Xingren Donfu is a Chinese sweet treat made with almond milk, sugar, agar-agar, and gelatin. So, basically, it is almond milk jelly. This soft and sweet dish has gained a lot of popularity.

Many popular also use apricot kernel milk to make Xingren Donfu. It is very easy to make. You just need to heat the almond milk and add sugar, agar-agar, and gelatin. Mix until everything is dissolved, and then allow to cool. When the jiggly jet is set, cut it into small pieces and enjoy!

27. Xmas Cakes

Well, it wouldn’t be a list with foods that start with X without mentioning Xmas foods. Xmas cakes, also known as Christmas cakes, are the range of cakes one bakes and eats around holidays, specifically Christmas. These cakes can range from Ginger Bundt cakes, cinnamon cakes, red velvet, and fruitcakes.

A typical Xmas cake is an iced fruitcake covered in fondant. People also like to add alcohol to their Xmas cakes to make the much-loved rum cakes that help people warm up the winters. Xmas cakes have a rich and decadent taste and soft and moist texture.

28. Xmas Cookies

Falling in the Xmas category, Xmas cookies are also enjoyed around the holidays. These also include a variety of cookies, including gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, snickerdoodle, and fruitcake cookies. The traditional Xmas cookies are gingerbread cookies and the beloved ‘Gingerbread cookies.’

Iced cookies with Christmas-themed icing are also a hit for the holidays. You can enjoy these cookies with warm milk and eggnog on Christmas eve and Christmas Day. You can even leave these for Santa; I am sure he’ll love them!

Drinks That Start With An X

29. Xanthia

Now let’s talk about some drinks that start with X. Xanthia is a drink that tastes great and starts with X. The Xanthia cocktail is made by mixing dry gin, cherry brandy, and Yellow Chartreuse. The orange drink is served in a cold glass with ice and beautified with a pretty umbrella.

30. Xalapa Punch

Xalapa punch is another cocktail that starts with X. It is made with black tea, honey, rum, apple brandy, red wine, oranges, and lemons. The drink has a mixture of bitter, sweet, citrus, and fruity flavors. The combination of flavors makes it a popular cocktail.

31. Xocolatl


Xocolatl is the heartwarming drink you’ll definitely need. It is the Mexican version of hot chocolate. Xocolatl is sweet, but it is also a bit spicy. This drink originated in central Mexico with the Aztecs and Mayans. But this sweet and spicy chocolaty drink is a hit in the United States.

The chocolaty drink is made with sweet cocoa, chili powder, and cinnamon. This has all the flavors to warm you up. If you like sweet and spicy, then Xocolatl is your drink.

List of 31 Foods That Start With X

Foods That Start With X

Foods That Start With X

Here is a list of 31 foods that start with X for you.

  • Xiang Jiao
  • Xigua/ Xigua Popsicles
  • Xilacayota Squash
  • Ximenia Caffra
  • Xinomavro Grapes
  • Xoai
  • Xoconostle
  • Xylocarp
  • Xihongshi
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Xiangcaojing
  • XO Sauce
  • Xylitol
  • Xavier Soup
  • Xiaolong Bao
  • Xidoufen
  • Xnipec
  • Xampinyons En Salsa
  • Xoi
  • Xacuti
  • Xavier Steak
  • Xia Mi
  • Xouba Fish
  • Xiphias
  • Xi Gua Lao
  • Xingren Donfu
  • Xmas Cakes
  • Xmas Cookies
  • Xanthia
  • Xalapa Punch
  • Xocolatl


So, with this, I conclude the list of foods that start with X. I hope you loved the edible exploration of the X alphabet just much as I did. Some foods were just common items, while others were rare fruits and dishes. But whatever foods there were, it was fun.

Let me know in the comments what foods that start with X I missed. I’ll see you next time with another article. Until then, take care and happy eating!


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