August 8, 2022


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Apex Legends Valkyrie main has made her rocket launcher IRL

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Apex Legends is home to plenty of iconic tech but Valkyrie’s shoulder mounted rocket launchers are two of the game’s most impressive offerings. That’s why when an enthusiastic fan decided to recreate her setup, the internet went appropriately ballistic. 

Valkyrie is the queen of the skies in Apex Legends. Her kit is designed around verticality and keeping other players trapped helplessly on the ground below.

The primary way she follows up on that second part is by stunning large areas with her shoulder cannons, effectively halting any attempts to get away.

While all of this was just a product of the devs’ imagination at first, one dedicated Valk main has taken the idea to a whole new level.

Valkyrie’s shoulder-mounted rockets in real life

Valkyrie in Apex Legends with her jets

Valkyrie’s shoulder cannons are an essential part of her kit.

There have been some impressive recreations of other Apex items, but ToneIsDark has set the bar with Valkyrie’s iconic shoulder rockets.

Featuring a fully controllable wrist mount to control the angle at which they launch, anyone wearing this setup could set off a wildly accurate recreation of Valk’s tactical with just a push of a button.

Of course, there are still some safety concerns when dealing with advanced pyrotechnics, so it’s much safer to launch these from the ground but the fact this rig exists at all is impressive.

It didn’t take long for fans of the game to drop in and compliment the design of this beast. One commenter joked that this would be perfect for the summer season, dubbing the wielder of such a machine the “July 4th Roman Candle fight champion.”

Not everybody was sold on the hype though, as one player left the tech wizard with another request: “Now make her ultimate…”

That would be a bit tougher to figure out but if anyone ever could it seems like Tone is a solid candidate to figure it out.


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