July 24, 2024


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Cake Decorating Classes and Starting a Cake Business

You might be thinking that cake decorating classes can really change your baking. You might think that they will give you a special “edge” when it comes to starting a cake business. Let’s find out if this is true, or not.

You have seen a decorator at your local grocery store and think “I can do that as well or better than she does!” You always like to look at books for new cake ideas and new decorating ideas. How can you translate what you see in the magazines and online into actual cakes? You could try to take a cake decorating class at your local craft store, community college or bakery. Some vocational schools offer cake decoration classes as continuing education to adults as well as high school students.

You can also find out if there are any culinary schools in your local area to see if they offer cake decorating tips for adults to take without having to enter as a full time student. Wilton makes a huge number of cake decorating accessories and tips to make all kinds of special effects. Wilton offers classes for cake decorating at the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionary Art. Some of the standard classes include artistic gelatin, creative confections, figure piping and fondant modeling, gum paste, isomalt design, rolled fondant and sugar artistry.

Advanced courses for cake decorating include stringwork and borders, sugar artistry, building and decorating tiered cakes, chocolate inspirations, gum paste flowers, lambeth and Australian methods and novelty cake decorating. Courses at the Wilton School can be taken as a full course of instruction as well as individually. There is a huge number of three day, one day and three hour workshops for the aspiring cake decorator.

Regular course selections have a $50 registration fee and a $425 course fee. The three day workshop that runs from 9 to 4 daily has a registration fee of $75 and a course fee of $525. One day workshops have a registration fee of $25 and a course fee of $100. Three hour workshops have a $25 registration fee and a $50 course fee. One of the three hour workshops goes over how to start a cake business.

Knowing that there is such a large variety of classes available for cake decorating you should be able to find a class that will give you some techniques that you can use in your own personal baking or even for your cake business. If you are ever traveling in the Chicago area you will need to check the workshop schedule and see if you can add a class to your travel schedule.