April 17, 2024


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Combining Music With Bakery Products

It seems that everyone has a theme for their bakery business. AND rightly so!

So why is it that many businesses fail?

Well let’s look at what is happening here.

First off many people are saying, “I want to start a bakery”, then they go on and say our bakery is going to be this or that. In some cases it is the added venture that is actually the main business structure and the bakery products are secondary.

Whereas a music store can carry the instruments of a music business, it can also offer sheet music as well as instruction on how to play that particular instrument, in many cases that is.

To show off the music as a talent, the building needs to be built to offer a sound quality that enhances the sound of the music which will give a perfect tone to the ear listening to that sound.

Having a bakery is much the same thing. You need the bakery business to offer the best possible showing to the bakery products you are offering.

In other words where is your main avenue of profit?

Having a bakery is a great way to generate a business. People are looking for quality bakery products that offer a great eye appeal, as well as a taste that says “that was nice” even before they actually taste it.

There are three things to consider in a bakery product.

1. Does the bakery product look nice
2. How much does that bakery product cost
3. What does that bakery product taste like

People purchase bakery products on the looks of that product first, they then look at the price and if that price is within their ability to pay, you have made a sale.

Now the third aspect comes into play and everything changes from that moment on.

1. Did that bakery product taste as good as it looked
2. Was the cost worth purchasing that bakery product
3. If one & two were right then number two above is immaterial. The price does not matter and the chances are you have made another sale.

You can offer a beverage such as a cold drinks or tea and coffee to your customers in a bakery and they will accept that as a complimentary item within your bakery business.

But try and include something that a lot of people conclude as noise and I don’t mean to be rude here by calling music noise, but many older people will not venture into that business for fear of having their eardrums blasted by something they dislike.

It has been studied time and time again, and music does have a place in the shopping strategy. Next time you go into a supermarket you will see what I mean.

Do they have music in the background or is it blasting through your ears.

I guarantee that if it is the later, blasting through your ears it is either in the last half hour of their day so as to get you out of the store as quickly as possible without telling you to get out. Or it is their electronic department trying to impress one young customer with just how loud the speaker can blast the sound.

Otherwise the music is like a lullaby, caressing you to linger, hypnotizing you into purchasing more of their products. Because they know that the longer you spend in their store the more money you will drop into their cash registers.

Now; I do know of a coffee shop that offers a variety of coffee’s and menu of food products, such as a breakfast wrap, and soup and sandwiches as a lunch, that does have a music following.

I say a music following, but they do NOT have the two ventures running at the same time. The main business is the coffee, tea and sandwiches from around six in the morning till six at night, seven days a week, but then on a Friday and a Saturday night the music starts once or twice a month.

The first owner of this business made a real go at combining the two but failed. A restaurant I used to use also offered piano music on a Friday and Saturday night and that too failed.

People have their own taste in music. People who enjoy the Beatles may not like a full harmonic orchestra. Some people like Beethoven but might hate Brahms and it’s exactly the same with rock and roll, jazz and country music.

If the two business structures are operating at different times of the day, week or month, then it is actually two businesses joined by the building space so it then becomes a question of how much space one can allow to be used by each part of those businesses.

The equipment in a bakery is going to be extremely difficult to move out of the way each time you want to accommodate the music business.

Today’s pub owners offer large screen television and some light entertainment on certain days of the week. But it is mostly the ambiance, or the food that brings in the clients on a regular basis not the television or the beer.

So before you encrust two businesses into one space look to see how those two businesses compliment each other.

Donuts and coffee, Tea and scones, fruit and ice cream, bread and butter, music and cabaret.