August 10, 2022


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Raspberry Crumble Bars with Lemon Glaze (+ VIDEO!)

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Raspberry Crumble Bars with Lemon Glaze (+ VIDEO!)


Strategies for generating Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

Use ripe raspberries. Ripe berries will be juicier and sweeter than unripe berries. Search for raspberries that are vibrant pink in coloration and sweet to taste. 

Incorporate more sugar if desired. I have designed the raspberry filling with both of those ½ cup sugar and ¾ cup sugar. When both were scrumptious, I discovered ¾ cup to be way too sweet (primarily when the raspberries were being in time and properly sweet-tart on their very own). If your raspberries are further tart or if you know you like your desserts excess sweet, nevertheless, feel free to use up to ¾ cup sugar. 

Use actual butter. If you want the very best Raspberry Bars with crumble topping, you need to use genuine butter margarine won’t have the very same influence.

Extensively incorporate the topping. I have located the best way to mix the butter into the crust/topping combination is to commence with a spatula then use my fingers to make absolutely sure all of the flour, pecans and oats are covered with the butter. 

Make topping first and freeze. If you’ve at any time wondered why your crisp and crumble toppings aren’t getting as crispy as you’d like, it is likely because the topping was not chilled adequately. For the crispiest topping, the butter need to be quite chilly (even if it was melted) before heading into the oven, so generally make your topping 1st and freeze whilst the crust pre-bakes and you assemble the raspberry filling. 

Do not permit the raspberries sit in sugar. You also want to make the topping 1st so there isn’t any lag time among mixing the raspberries with the sugar and popping the dessert into the oven. The raspberries will begin to macerate (soften and release juices) as soon as they are put together with sugar which we want to transpire in the oven and not the bowl.

Protect against a burnt topping. I never ever have the issue of a burnt topping –but if it is your initially time creating these Raspberry Crumble Bars, retain an eye on them to be safe. If the topping commences to brown far too promptly, then lay a piece of foil over the top and bake on.

Look at for a bubbling filling. It is vital to bake the Raspberry Oatmeal Bars right until the topping is golden and you see some syrup bubbling up all over the edges of the pan. This is a signal the filling has thickened in the center.

Interesting absolutely. Normally I love serving fruit crisp desserts warm straight from the oven. However, the raspberry filling in these bars requirements to amazing completely right before you can slice and provide them. If you reduce the bars even though the filling is still heat, it will ooze appropriate out and your bars will not maintain their form.  Of program, you can imagine of this additional as a raspberry crisp and provide it that way, but if you want cleanse bars, then cold is the only way to slice them. I also love them chilled – yum!


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