July 21, 2024


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The History of the Suya Kebab

The Hausa people are found throughout the geographic region of West Africa. The Hausa, the Tuareg and the Berbers, have a similar North African culinary culture. Beef, lamb and mutton feature prominently in their culinary culture. Meat is often marinated for several hours in a peanut paste (or in groundnut oil -infused -spice blends). The meat is then threaded onto wooden skewers before being cooked on an open grill or on a rotating spit, over an open fire.

Nigerian parties are made extra special when one of two items appears on the menu. The first is a big cauldron of Nigerian pepper soup. If you cannot pull that off, you can dazzle your guest with a giant platter of Northern Nigeria Kebabs called Suya. The Naija Balangwu suya paste allows you to prepare these delectable kebabs with great ease and in next to no time. The paste is made using an authentic ancient recipe from the city of Kano in Nigeria.

The ancient city of Kano was as famous as Timbuktu in the 17th and 18th century. Kano was famed for its unrivalled trade in leather and spices. The Balangwu suya paste allows every chefs make excellent suya kebabs.

The process of making suya is simple.


1kg of beef (preferably lean brisket cut into cubes or diced)

1 jar of Balangwu suya paste,

1 teaspoonful of salt and

20mls of vegetable oil.

Method of Cooking

To cook, simply sprinkle salt unto the beef, then empty half of the contents of the balangwu suya paste onto the beef ( keep the other half for glazing the kebabs later). Massage paste and salt thoroughly into the meat, then thread the meat onto a wooden or metal skewer. Place the kebabs onto a casserole dish, cover with a tight lid or cling film and microwave on high heat for 10-12 minutes. Pour the vegetable oil into the left over paste; stir the oil into the paste to loosen the paste. Use a pastry brush to brush the loosened paste unto the kebabs, then place glazed kebabs under a hot grill or griddle for 10minutes (turn the kebabs over after every five minutes). Serve with some tossed salad.

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