April 17, 2024


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The Three Major Causes of Green Poop

Each month, there are thousands of people from around the world that have their poop turn green. When this happens, they often wonder, “why is my poop green?” To be honest, there are thousands of possible reasons for why their poop changed colors, and there is no one that we could discuss every possible reason in this article. However, some causes of green poop occur much more frequently than others, and in this article I would like to tell you about the three most common causes for stool turning green.

The first primary cause for why people have their poop become green is due to drinking too many artificially colored sodas. You see, sodas are usually loaded with various chemicals that produce artificial coloring, and when that artificial coloring is designed to turn drinks green, it can also have the capability of turning your poop green. However, this really isn’t too big of concern, because your poop will go back to being brown as soon as you stop drinking so much green soda.

The next major reason for why stool can turn green because of Salmonella. In case you don’t know, Salmonella is a digestive disease, and it is often caused by eating meat or eggs before they are fully cooked. And because Salmonella primary affects the digestive system, it can have quite a dramatic effect on our poop. And, as you might have already guessed, one effect that it can have is turning poop green. Fortunately, Salmonella rarely lasts very long, and your body should return to its healthy state within three to four days.

The final major cause of green poop is from having excess bile in your body. To those who do not know what bile is, I will give you a brief summary of its function in the body. Bile is a special chemical that our bodies produce to help make stool softer, and slicker. This allows our feces to travel safely and easily through our bodies, until it reaches the toilet. So, as you would expect, bile is a very important chemical. The problem is that our bodies will occasionally produce too much of it. When this happens, the excess bile will cause our poop to change colors. This is because bile is naturally a bright green color, so it makes sense that when a lot of a green chemical is dumped onto our poop, it will turn our poop green as well. And, luckily for us, our bodies are pretty good at recognizing when they are producing too much bile, so they will correct themselves within a day or two.

Although many people have green poop at some point in their lives, it really is not anything to worry about.