September 25, 2023


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This Simple Hack Will Give You the Best Brownies You’ve Ever Tasted

This Simple Hack Will Give You the Best Brownies You've Ever Tasted

With the plethora of solutions conveniently accessible on the online, you seldom require to search much too really hard to locate a distinctive spin on your favored brownie recipe. Just one minute, you think your baking techniques are wholly unmatched. Then, the upcoming, you appear throughout a random video that improvements every thing, unlocking a straightforward hack you under no circumstances considered to test. This is specifically how I arrived throughout Grackle, aka GraceBooth97 on TikTok, and her just take on the viral frozen brownie hack that has been producing its rounds on the net recently.

Though my track report with brownies has been very practically dry, I still required to give these additional gooey-hunting treats a shot, and consider this so-identified as hack out for myself. 

Try the Method: Frozen Brownie Levels

How to Try the Frozen Brownie Levels Hack

The star feature of this hack is the use of your freezer. You’ll want to start by laying out two parts of parchment paper on different chopping boards, spreading an even sq.-like layer of Biscoff distribute on one particular, and a slim layer of Nutella on the other. Be absolutely sure to make each layer very similar in size to your real brownie tray so that it suits more than evenly. Spot every single spread in the freezer for at the very least an hour, until frozen rigid.

As the movie notes, freezing the layers of Biscoff and Nutella will supply extra gooey brownies opposed to the caramelized and burnt different you get when adding people ingredients at area temperature. 

While the levels finish up the freezing approach, get started making ready your preferred brownie recipe. When you have your batter created and brownie tray greased, pour a part of the batter into the tray, earning sure to fill in the corners. Take out the parchment paper from your frozen Nutella and spot it down on prime of the initial layer of batter, just before spreading a lot more batter on top rated. Then, increase your frozen layer of Biscoff and unfold the remaining brownie batter on top rated of that. Toss it in the oven, baking for every recipe guidelines, and hold out for the magic to occur. The moment cooled, minimize diligently and serve immediately — paired with your preferred ice product. 

My Honest Feeling of the Frozen Brownie Layer Hack

Honestly? This hack regulations and is pretty probably the very best way to make brownies! For an individual like me who classically leaves brownies in the oven for a minute too prolonged, the sheer amount of gooeyness on display screen is astounding. I’d argue that as lengthy as you really do not burn off them, the gooey aftermath of the frozen Biscoff and Nutella is absolutely to die for. I would advise this hack to anyone who is striving to experiment in the kitchen area, as well as any person who appreciates a messy meal, simply because messy pretty much constantly indicates mouth watering. 

3 Recommendations for Seeking the Frozen Brownie Levels Hack