December 8, 2022


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Honey-Roasted Peanuts Recipe

Why It Operates

  • Potato starch helps sort a thick glaze that clings to the peanuts and provides a crispy coating. 
  • Double-roasting the peanuts gets rid of their beany style.

When it comes to roasted nuts, people’s preferences fall into one particular of three categories: unsalted, salted, and what I call “extra”―nuts coated in sugar, spices, or chocolate. My spouse, James, and I fall into distinct camps. I favor flippantly-salted nuts, whilst James clamors for virtually any nut in the “extra” class, from chocolate-lined peanuts to butter toffee cashews. Although I was creating this recipe for honey-roasted peanuts, he happily gobbled up batch immediately after batch, no matter of whether or not the nuts ended up basically great. But, as I found out, you truly just cannot go erroneous when it comes to coating peanuts in honey and tossing them in a warm oven. The nuts will possible be tasty. So for this recipe, I decided to aim on dialing in the appropriate proportions of substances and honing the execution.

Right before I started out tests, I picked up quite a few distinct brands of honey-roasted peanuts and done a speedy flavor exam. Incredibly, I identified that they all tasted wildly various from a single another. One model consisted of extremely-roasted peanuts that experienced a bitter edge, an additional was dusted with way too a lot salt, even though the previous had the most well balanced salty-sweet coating. As a consequence, I resolved to concentrate my screening on perfecting three elements: the peanuts, the coating, and the complete. 

For the peanuts on their own, I baked off batches of honey-roasted peanuts that contained either uncooked peanuts or keep-bought roasted peanuts. It is significant to observe that the extent of the roast on retail outlet-purchased roasted peanuts may differ, from peanuts that are hardly toasted to kinds that are also dark. My screening showed that the raw peanuts, despite being subsequently cooked in the oven, retained a beany taste. On the other hand, the pre-roasted peanuts took on a a little bit bitter aftertaste. For that reason, to ensure properly-roasted peanuts, I advise starting off with uncooked blanched peanuts and evenly roasting them in an oven. 

Major Eats / Amanda Suarez

As for the coating, there are quite a few techniques to tactic this: You can make a glaze that contains egg whites combine up a glaze with honey, a fat like butter or oil, sugar, and flavorings or basically coat the peanuts with warmed honey. I determined to exam the to start with two strategies facet-by-aspect, due to the fact I realized I wished additional than just honey as a coating. I favored the crunchy, to some degree ethereal shell on the nuts with the egg white coating, however it masked the honey taste. I ended up going with a glaze made with honey, potato starch, butter, oil, vanilla extract, sugar, and salt, which gave the nuts a shiny, crisp coating that allows the honey taste occur through. The glaze is infinitely adaptable, so I motivate you to play all over with it by including spices and other ingredients to taste, this sort of as cocoa powder, dried rosemary, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, or ground cinnamon. 

When interesting, I simply toss the nuts in a sugar-salt blend ahead of digging in. Whether you choose to serve these as a snack, a pre-meal chunk, or with a late afternoon drink, these honey-roasted peanuts are straightforward to eat by the handful.