December 8, 2022


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Lavash Triangles Recipe

Why It Works

  • Misting the lavash strips with water assists to soften them, which will reduce cracking and allow for them to adhere alongside one another when formed into a bundle. 
  • Brushing the triangles with oil right before and midway via baking allows them crisp up without the need of the headache of shallow-frying them in a pan. 
  • The herbed pinto bean filling and vivid herb sauce will make a tasty vegetarian dish, whether or not served as an appetizer or as the centerpiece of a food.

I very first encountered a recipe for these bean-filled triangles in the Armenian cookbook Lavash, by Kate Leahy, Ara Zada, and John Lee, and I was straight away intrigued. They are some thing of a cross in between boreks—the Armenian baked phyllo-wrapped crispy turnovers—and samosas, the crunchy, fried South Asian dumplings stuffed with savory fillings. 

In accordance to Leahy, Zada, and Lee, they are the creation of their close friend Anahit Badalayan, a cook from Goris, Armenia, a metropolis known for speckled beans not compared with our pinto or cranberry beans. While it can be typical to turn Goris beans into a very simple coarse paste extremely very similar to Mexican refried beans, Badalayan’s innovation was to use the bean mash as a filling for turnovers made from strips of lavash, shallow fried in oil right until crisp. 

I manufactured them, and they were being so great that they immediately grew to become a staple in our property. The vegan mashed bean paste is satisfying and filling, and the lavash fries up to yield a shell with a sensitive, crunchy texture which is compared with any other turnover wrapper. 

About time, my possess recipe advanced to turn out to be the edition I’m presenting to you right here. Apart from a few minor modifications, I have stayed far more or a lot less real to the recipe from Lavash. I added a zesty dipping sauce designed from the exact herbs in the bean filling (cilantro and dill in the primary recipe, to which I also added parsley), along with olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. And I labored out a way to bake the triangles somewhat than pan-fry them, to make the cooking method easier and less messy, with no sacrificing that crispy fried texture. 

Really serious Eats / Andrew Janjigian

Most importantly, I labored out some of the mechanics all over getting and utilizing supermarket lavash. While lavash in Armenia is definitely of far better quality total, I found that the lavash I could find at my nearby supermarkets varied in both equally dimension and freshness. None of it was unusable, but I learned some tricks for building the most of grocery store lavash: 

  • It is a superior notion to get extra than you want, in purchase to get adequate 3-inch by 11-inch strips to produce 16 triangles. Lavash will come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and some portion of just about every flatbread will produce strips far too small to use in this recipe. Moreover, it is really from time to time so fragile that it tears or cracks when removing it from the offer. Starting with additional than you require ensures you get 16 usable strips. (Most lavash is marketed in 1-pound packages two packages need to be a lot more than more than enough.)
  • When the authors of Lavash advise pre-moistening the lavash strips only if they are very fragile, I found this step to be critical with the lavash I experienced obtain to. I made use of a water mister bottle to spray each and every strip flippantly but evenly on both equally sides, which both made it far more pliable to do the job with and more most likely to adhere to by itself when folded into triangles. (The good news is, you will find little threat of over-hydrating the lavash right here, as any excessive drinking water evaporates when the triangles bake.) 
  • Finally, this is a rustic and forgiving form of turnover. A minimal tear listed here and there in the strip or a burst seam in the finished triangle will not matter in the end—they will nevertheless be delicious. (That stated, it’s continue to a great thought to fold them as carefully as achievable to avoid mishaps.)