September 26, 2023


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OXO Covered Silicone Large Ice Cube Tray Review 2022

OXO Covered Silicone Large Ice Cube Tray Review 2022

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If you know me, you know that I appreciate ingesting whiskey — but from the initially time I stole some Scotch from my dad’s liquor cabinet drank legally at a bar, I realized I was an “on the rocks” male. When I’m generally game for a shot or a tiny, neat pour, there is just some thing about the refined dilution and presentation of a couple of cubes (or 1 significant just one) that elevates your expertise. Have you ever been to a cocktail bar that has a truly superior ice program, with distinct styles of ice for distinct beverages and glassware? If not, you are missing out — for drinks served on the rocks, ice is normally the biggest component in the drink by quantity, but generally the one particular which is most forgotten by the residence bartender. Now, individuals bars ordinarily have unique freezers, molds, and resources for producing, cutting, and shaping their blocks of frozen water, but there’s an simple way for the cocktail- and spirit-lover to deliver a tiny style of a superior-excellent ice method into their household: this big, lined ice mould from editor-beloved kitchen model OXO. 

I’ve gone via a few ice molds in my time (some have been leftover from my days driving the adhere) but this 1 is the best I have applied, bar none. It would make 6 significant, 1.75-inch square cubes which retain everything you’re consuming completely chilled — and considering the fact that one particular large dice is ample for a drink, you will not close up about-diluting your beverage like you may well with a bunch of smaller cubes from your fridge’s icebox. The finest section about this mold, nonetheless, is that the flexible silicone tray that allows you effortlessly clear away the cubes is encased by a rigid frame which allows you to store it in your freezer without having possessing to deal with it like a block of gelatin.

But, Ian — why can not I just use normal, uncovered ice cubes from my freezer? Very well, dear reader, I personally never like uncovered ice since it tends to decide up a good deal of the flavors and (normally funky) smells that occur from your fridge. And, whilst common ice is excellent for beverages with heaps of bold flavors that include up the freezer scents, when I’m seeking to get pleasure from a fragile whiskey, I want my ice to provide only two functions: cooling my consume down and including a contact of dilution. Now, place down the pitchforks and action away from your keyboards, whiskey nerds — I’m mindful that the simplest and most problem-free of charge way to assure my spirit does not choose up off flavors from ice would be to just, you know, not use ice, but I like my whiskey on the rocks! Sue me. 

And, it is not just liquor that these big, honkin’ cubes are good for. They are also great for cocktails and chilly brew espresso — specially for chilly brew focus, due to the fact you can dial in your coffee-to-drinking water ratio and not have to be concerned about over-dilution after you insert ice. They’re also showstoppers, and I promise that the subsequent time you provide up a drink to a house guest with a cube from this OXO ice mold, they’ll be wowed by your experienced-looking setup. (Just make confident your tip jar is prominently shown.)