May 21, 2024


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10 of the best chocolate desserts to indulge in on World Chocolate Day


Chocolate is happiness that you eat, goes a famous line and who are we to disagree? 7 July marks World Chocolate Day and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by indulging in some sinfully rich treats? Not that we need an excuse! Dark or milk, sweet or bitter, there are plenty of variations of chocolate desserts that are sure to get your taste buds singing. Here’s our pick of the best chocolate desserts across Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and more.

1. Bas Kar Pagle Rulayega Kya, Hichki, Mumbai

This is a wholesome dessert bowl brimming with cigarette candies, brownies, Gems, nuts, generous scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream adorned with drizzled chocolate sauce and wafer cones. Chef Sandeep Rane – Corporate Chef (Bakery & Confectionery) at Bayroute and Corporate Pastry Chef at Hitchki Resto Bar’s creation is the stuff of childhood dreams.

2. Brazilian Chocolate Treat, Zuka, Puducherry

Chocolatier Srinath Balachandran’s creation is made with a single-origin chocolate composed of 66.8% cocoa. “This chocolate is carefully crafted into an eggless mousse topped onto crumbled chocolate praline flavoured brownie, served with a scoop of homemade white chocolate vanilla ice cream and doodled with fresh strawberry coulis,” he shares.

3. Midnight Sin Cake, The Big Chill Cakery, New Delhi

It’s almost impossible to make up your mind when you are inside The Big Chill Cakery’s outlets because everything looks, and is, a treat for all the senses. However, the Midnight Sin Cake is not to be missed. As the name suggests, it is a sinfully satisfying, moist, and tender chocolate cake with a soft and fluffy chocolate mousse buttercream icing.


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