July 21, 2024


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Do Norwegians eat a lot of Pizza?

Do Norwegians eat a lot of Pizza?

On a per-person ratio, Norwegians eat the most Pizza around the globe. With a population of 5.5 million, this tiny nation eats 5kg of Pizza per person in a year. In Norway, you’ll notice an abundance of pizza restaurants at each corner. It won’t be wrong to say that Norwegians are obsessed with pizzas. Natives are also habitual in making Pizza at home. Moreover, they are also famous for buying frozen Pizza and other ways like homemade. 

Types of pizzas and Norwegian’s obsession 

How are these people at the top of the pizza eater’s list? Well, Norway has the popularity of a pizza-loving country. They have the highest number of consumers of different types of Pizza. Some of them are:

Frozen Pizzas – Readily Available

You’ll be surprised to know that a total of 47 million frozen pizzas are purchased in this country annually, which is among the population of 5 million. Norwegians eat three times more than the average American frozen pizza sales.

The quality of the product could be better, but the consumers of Grandiosa make it one of the country’s most popular frozen Pizza companies. Mass production is one of the reasons for the massive sale of frozen Pizza in Norway. Grandiosa says it is Norway’s most-eaten Pizza.

On movie nights, turning home after a long work day, or for a sudden craving, frozen pizzas are one of the preferred options in Norway. Grandiosa is the first name that comes to the native’s minds. Making it an unofficial national dish of Norway, this brand has much to offer. With various options and successful marketing, it’s a trustworthy place for Pizza among citizens.

The other reliable brands are :

  • Big One: A company behind Grandiosa dominates the market by working together. The popular style of Pizza you can get here is American.
  • Dr. Oetker: Offering diverse options, is one of the competitors of Grandiosa. The flavor and reliable quality of DR Oetker are making it popular.

Restaurant takeaway – Quick but costly

National pizza chains are quite dominating for the takeaways of Pizza. Pizzabakeren, one of the largest pizza chains in Norway, makes up to a billion NOK or $125 million in revenue yearly. Their pizzas have remarkable quality and taste. However, Norwegians mostly prefer to eat at home, so takeaways are less than frozen pizza sales.

But if you want to get the best deals, it is recommended to check different restaurant reviews in Norway. It will help you choose the best possible restaurants for your tastebuds.

Homemade – Healthy and delicious

The tradition of making homemade pizzas has been around for a while in Norway. Most adults enjoy pizzas made by their parents or other beloved family members on the weekends. The prevalent trends regarding the style of pizzas are Italian, with crunchy crusts and cooked over stones.

Final Verdict 

According to the above facts and the interests of Norwegians, they eat a lot of Pizza. Most pizza chains or restaurants provide home delivery services. So, you can order your favorite Pizza and enjoy it at home, or you can go out to these restaurants to try these delicious pizzas.