July 24, 2024


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Drink More Water – How to Use Hypnosis to Drink Water Appropriately

Drink more water. A simple enough injunction, yet people routinely overlook its immense impact on health, emotional well-being, weight loss, and even obesity prevention. Water comprises 70% of your body’s mass. Your bloodstream is like a river that courses through your body, bringing needed oxygen to every cell. It is comparable to the way that the Nile brought goods and crops to the people of Egypt.

How did the civilization of Egypt manage to survive for thousands of years? Only due to the regular ebb and flow of the mighty Nile. Yet, the average beverage you’re going to drink today–especially if that beverage contains alcohol, like beer or wine–is only going to dehydrate you. These days it’s hard to get the amount of water you really need to survive and thrive. Fortunately, self hypnosis can help.

H2O Everywhere

Most of your organs are made out of water. Good old dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) gets oxygen into the cells of your body. It helps the cells in your body convert sugars and oxygen into the energy you need to move and think. Finally, it gets carbon monoxide waste products out of your cells and out of your body. H2O purifies your body and cleanses it of waste, which would otherwise cause diseases.

Are You Drinking Enough?

To function properly, you need to be drinking about 13 cups of water if you’re a man. Ladies need to consume around 9 cups daily. The irony is, with all the different beverages we have available to us today, it’s easy to forget the most essential beverage of all. When we go to a restaurant or eat a meal, we’re preconditioned to want sugary drinks like soda pop.

If we’re “out on the town,” we consume beer or other alcohol. Instead of going towards our daily water requirement, these drinks only serve to dehydrate us. It’s easy to forget our health when we’re out with our friends.

All Dried Up Inside

What happens if you neglect that river coursing inside your body, if you drown that river in beer and neglect to replenish one of the biggest components of your physical makeup? You’ll get dehydrated. You’ll get tired. You’ll think more slowly, and you won’t even know why. You’ll lose the strength to exercise, negating any efforts at weight loss you might have been making. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself in real need of weight control help. Plus, your immune system will suffer.

Drink More Water With Hypnosis

In conclusion, your health is all-too-easy to neglect. That’s why there’s self-hypnosis. With self-hypnosis, you’ll teach your unconscious mind to want what your body needs. After a period of regular sessions, you’ll find yourself desiring the real “elixir of life,” every day–without even thinking about it. Discover radiant health by harnessing the undeniable strength of hypnosis to drink more water.