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Heydariyyeh Mosque: insider secrets of just one of historic sites of worship

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TEHRAN – Masjid-e (the mosque of) Heydariyyeh is a magnificent monument from the Seljuk period, presumably from the late 12th or early 13th century. There is a wonderful air of tranquil that surrounds the put of worship, which is positioned in the Bolaghi district of Qazvin, north-central Iran.

Under the Qajar dynasty in the 19th century, the modest mosque was incorporated into the construction of a madrasa. On the other hand, most elements of this madrasa ended up afterwards demolished to make way for the construction of an elementary college in 1955.

The stylistic attributes of the Heydariyyeh mosque that consists of a single domed chamber prayer corridor resemble those people of the Friday Mosque of Qazvin, and it is consequently assumed that the Heydariyyeh Mosque was constructed or renovated by the identical architect, in accordance to Archnet.

This mosque was situated on the south aspect of a courtyard, which was surrounded by the madrasa’s arched cells on its east, west, and north sides. Based on André Godard’s plan of the madrasa, the entrances to the complicated have been located on the northeast and northwest of the courtyard, and there were at the time nine cells on the east and west sides upcoming to the entrances. The north aspect of the madrasa was comprised of a central iwan flanked by a few cells on each side.

According to Arthur Pope’s prepare of the Heydariyyeh Mosque, the sq. plan of its Seljuk prayer hall is 14 by 14 meters on the outdoors and 10 by 10 meters on the mosque’s inside.

The mosque is entered from the north, the place an entrance iwan, measuring 6 by 14 meters, was later on included to the Seljuk framework. The domed chamber of this mosque is structured likewise to Sasanid Chahar-taq fire temples, inside of which the sq. prepare is transformed into an octagon by way of squinches that assist a brick dome. Having said that, the dome of this mosque is no lengthier extant. A modern short term roof now shields the interior space.

The mosque is made of brick and is famous for its splendid brickwork dealing with and carved stucco decorations. Furthermore, its decoration is outstanding for its early glazed tiles. Arched niches in inside corners are topped with carved stucco inscriptions and muqarnas brick decorations. The rhombus brick styles on the squinches are embellished with inscribed bas-relief circles. There is also a good floriated Kufic plaster inscription frieze beneath the dome arches. Some of the inscriptions are from the Surah Hashr in the Quran.

The mihrab on the south wall of the prayer hall is composed of finely carved stucco on a painted blue background. Despite the fact that the bottom 50 % of the mihrab has been damaged, it continues to be a single of the best illustrations of Iranian stucco mihrabs. Stylized high-relief pomegranates and pine cones are identified on the frame around the mihrab and the arch of the dome above the mihrab.

A Muslim-bulk state, Iran is dwelling to several magnificent church buildings and chapels that element astounding architecture and exquisite ornate performs. Also, the ancient metropolis of Qazvin is blessed with some historical church buildings and Armenian neighborhoods, which are frequented as vacation destinations for their splendor and architectural elegance.

Qazvin was once the capital of the mighty Persian Empire, less than Safavids, from 1548 to 98. It is a significant tourist location with a beautifully restored caravanserai-turned-arts precinct, some quirky museums, and a handful of first rate ingesting options. For most tourists, Qazvin is also mainly the staging stage for excursions to the well-known Castles of the Assassins and trekking in the sensational Alamut Valley.

The city is also house to 1 of the major roofed caravanserais of the nation, Sa’d-al Saltaneh caravanserai. Relationship back again to the Qajar period, it’s a put for discovering tens of Hojreh or retailers, cafes, yards, and a breathtaking mosque. It’s a position for website visitors who want to working experience the lifestyle, culinary, and hospitality of Iran.

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