May 18, 2024


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IKEA Malaysia brings back Durian Dessert Festival with 6 delicious durian-based desserts


Now that the season of the King of Fruits is officially underway, it’s the best time to dig into the various delicious species of durians in Malaysia. But in case you haven’t gotten your fill of the creamy pungent fruit yet, IKEA Malaysia has brought back its much looked forward Durian Dessert Festival to its eateries.

IKEA Malaysia - durian desserts

Start your durian dessert feast at IKEA Malaysia by tackling their pastries, Durian Cheese Tart (RM6.90), Durian Pie (RM5.90) and the flaky Durian Croissant (RM4.90). Once you’ve had your fill of pastries, wash it all down with more refreshing durian goodness, Musang King Durian Frappe (RM9.90).

IKEA Malaysia - durian desserts

The feast is not yet over, durian enthusiasts! Satisfy your sweet tooth with some creamy Durian Soft Serve (RM2.50) and in addition, a delicious slice of D24 Durian Cream Cake (RM9.90).

IKEA Malaysia - durian desserts

Which durian dessert will you be getting? Or will you be ordering everything on the menu? Do note that the Durian Dessert Festival will end on 31 July 2022, so make your way to an IKEA near you today.

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