June 23, 2024


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OXO GG Expandable Kitchen Tool Drawer Organizer Review 2022

OXO GG Expandable Kitchen Tool Drawer Organizer Review 2022

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If you know just one detail about me, it’s that I really like dogs. If you know two things about me, it’s that I like canines and that I have ridiculously narrow kitchen area drawers. Critically these two about-me information appear up a ton! The pet portion is enjoyable the slim drawers, having said that, are decidedly fewer so.

You see, I only have a grand complete of five drawers in my overall kitchen area — four of them are considerably less than eight inches wide though the fifth is a whopping 11 inches. I’ve struggled for years on how to ideal use the slender drawers for utensils, gizmos, and resources, and I’ve only ever uncovered one organizer that fits and takes care of the silverware dilemma: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore, which I examined and reviewed below. Now, I can finally incorporate a different to the record: OXO GG Expandable Kitchen area Drawer Organizer. (Certainly, I notice how nerdy it is to be excited about drawer organizers, but check out them out with me and I guarantee you are going to be enthusiastic, much too.)

The OXO GG Expandable Kitchen Device Drawer Organizer has two most important compartments, a pull-out aspect tray, a removable storage cup (that grey piece with all my measuring spoons yes, I know I have a large amount!), and a detachable utensil sorter (which I actually pulled out to use individually in a distinct drawer!).

I analyzed just one of these past 12 months and it’s been a game-changer since day one particular. At about 7.5 inches extensive, I understood that it would technically suit my 8-inch vast silverware drawers, but it was only when I physically place it into my drawer that I felt a deep perception of calm. I was pleased with my silverware setup even though, so I moved onto the wider 11-inch drawer.

That fateful day, I emptied out the drawer, dropped the organizer in, and was so shocked that I was even now capable to use the pull-out facet tray. All over again, I realized the math recommended I’d be in a position to, but it’s not a little something I’m used to in my kitchen, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up. It was time to ultimately get all my cooking utensils in buy! Spatulas listed here, tongs there, Microplane there, and so on. Soon sufficient, I was capable to healthy all the very same stuff back again in the drawer — only, this time, in a substantially a lot more arranged style.

House cooks with slender drawers will locate a ton of utility with OXO’s expandable drawer organizers. If you transpire to have wider drawers, well, excellent for you. (Kidding!) What I intended to say: You can use a few of these in a solitary drawer and get innovative with how you lay matters out.

These drawer organizers have been so beneficial that even Millie is pumped about them! C’mon, you knew I was heading to perform a puppy into this tale someway …