July 21, 2024


Cooking Is My World

Tampa Bay college students to add at least $5.6B in federal loan debt, according to FAFSA data

BARRY UNIVERSITY                         Private       8,654 BARRY UNIVERSITY – ORLANDO               Private       1,298 BETHUNE COOKMAN UNIVERSITY               Private       5,030 ST THOMAS UNIVERSITY                     Private       4,389 FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY          Private       7,992 EASTERN FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE            Public        6,105 COLLEGE OF CENTRAL FLORIDA               Public        4,643 CHIPOLA  COLLEGE                         Public        765 DAYTONA STATE COLLEGE                    Public        7,086 FLORIDA SOUTHWESTERN STATE COLLEGE       Public        8,991 EDWARD WATERS COLLEGE                    Private       1,897 EMBRY-RIDDLE AERONAUTICAL UNIV           Private       15,712 FLORIDA A & M UNIVERSITY                 Public        25,400 FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY              Public        40,986 FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY/DAVIE        Public        3,584 FLORIDA ATLANTIC UNIV-JUPITER/PSL        Public        1,916 FLORIDA COLLEGE                          Private       458 FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE AT JACKSONVILLE    Public        14,574 COLLEGE OF THE FLORIDA KEYS (THE)        Public        647 FLORIDA MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY              Private       2,111 ECKERD COLLEGE                           Private       4,629 FLORIDA SOUTHERN COLLEGE                 Private       6,632 FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY                 Public        75,704 GULF COAST STATE COLLEGE                 Public        2,583 INDIAN RIVER STATE COLLEGE               Public        6,799 JACKSONVILLE UNIVERSITY                  Private       6,447 ALTIERUS CAREER COLLEGE                  Private       483 BROWARD COLLEGE- DOWNTOWN CTR            Public        22,739 FLORIDA GATEWAY COLLEGE                  Public        1,597 LAKE SUMTER COMMUNITY COLLEGE            Public        2,247 STATE COLLEGE OF FLORIDA, MANATEE-SARASO Public        4,669 LYNN UNIVERSITY                          Private       4,371 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION ONLY   Public        1,370 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE – NORTH CAMPUS        Public        9,729 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE – KENDALL CAMPUS      Public        12,960 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE –  WOLFSON CAMPUS     Public        8,497 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE – MEDICAL CAMPUS      Public        4,848 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE – HOMESTEAD CAMPUS    Public        3,905 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE – EDUARDO J. PADRON C Public        4,024 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE – HIALEAH CAMPUS      Public        4,776 MIAMI DADE COLLEGE – WEST CAMPUS         Public        2,859 NORTH FLORIDA COMMUNITY COLLEGE          Public        603 NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY             Private       22,721 NORTHWEST FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE          Public        2,209 PALM BEACH COMMUNITY COLLEGE             Public        12,951 PENSACOLA STATE COLLEGE                  Public        5,208 POLK STATE COLLEGE                       Public        5,773 ROLLINS COLLEGE                          Private       5,135 SANTA FE COLLEGE                         Public        8,521 SEMINOLE STATE COLLEGE OF FLORIDA        Public        8,966 SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY                  Private       5,102 SOUTH FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE              Public        1,771 SAINT JOHNS RIVER STATE COLLEGE          Public        2,683 SAINT LEO UNIVERSITY                     Private       9,160 ST. PETERSBURG COLLEGE                   Public        13,351 STETSON UNIVERSITY                       Private       6,686 STETSON UNIVERSITY – COLLEGE OF LAW      Private       1,205 TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE            Public        7,306 UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA                    Public        85,499 UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI                      Private       39,032 UNIV OF MIAMI SCHOOL OF LAW              Private       1,897 UNIV OF MIAMI-SCH OF MEDICINE            Private       1,990 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA SYSTEM       Public        63,590 UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA (THE)                Private       23,579 WEBBER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY          Private       1,800 NATIONAL-LOUIS UNIVERSITY                Private       105 TRINITY INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY – SOUTH Private       102 UNIV OF CENTRAL FLORIDA                  Public        94,202 UNIVERSITY OF WEST FLORIDA               Public        11,491 AMERICAN COLLEGE FOR MEDICAL CAREERS     Proprietary   500 LIVELY TECHNICAL COLLEGE                 Public        957 LINDSEY HOPKINS TECHNICAL COLLEGE        Public        430 D G ERWIN TECHNICAL CENTER               Public        980 PINELLAS TECHNICAL COLLEGE – CLEARWATER  Public        675 SUNCOAST TECHNICAL COLLEGE               Public        428 TRAVISS TECHNICAL COLLEGE                Public        680 MANATEE TECHNICAL COLLEGE                Public        869 MANATEE TECHNICAL COLLEGE – EAST CAMPUS  Public        476 VALENCIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE               Public        30,156 RIVEROAK TECHNICAL COLLEGE                Public        146 FLORIDA PANHANDLE TECHNICAL COLLEGE      Public        160 FORT MYERS TECHNICAL COLLEGE             Public        795 HILLSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE           Public        15,371 FLAGLER COLLEGE                          Private       5,169 FLAGLER COLLEGE – TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY  Private       490 ST JOHN VIANNEY COLLEGE SEMINARY         Private       11 ST. VINCENT DE PAUL REGIONAL SEMINARY    Private       10 RASMUSSEN COLLEGE – OCALA                Proprietary   4,929 RASMUSSEN COLLEGE – NEW PORT RICHEY      Proprietary   1,171 RASMUSSEN COLLEGE – FORT MYERS           Proprietary   1,205 RASMUSSEN COLLEGE – TAMPA                Proprietary   1,535 RASMUSSEN COLLEGE – LAND O’ LAKES        Proprietary   392 WARNER UNIVERSITY                        Private       1,008 PALM BEACH ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY           Private       4,627 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL UNIV ART&DESIGN      Proprietary   1,347 FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY         Public        57,454 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH FLORIDA              Public        20,901 SHERIDAN TECHNICAL COLLEGE               Public        1,207 LORAINES ACADEMY & SPA                   Proprietary   74 ART INSTITUTE OF FORT LAUDERDALE (THE)   Proprietary   240 PASCO – HERNANDO STATE COLLEGE           Public        5,196 CARLOS ALBIZU UNIVERSITY                 Private       491 TOM P. HANEY TECHNICAL CENTER            Public        303 ATLANTIC TECHNICAL CENTER                Public        950 FIRST COAST TECHNICAL COLLEGE            Public        479 RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN       Private       2,745 SOUTH UNIVERSITY – WEST PALM BEACH       Proprietary   622 LORENZO WALKER TECHNICAL COLLEGE         Public        348 CONCORDE CAREER INSTITUTE                Proprietary   795 PINELLAS TECHNICAL COLLEGE ST PETERSBURG Public        1,240 FASHION FOCUS HAIR ACADEMY               Proprietary   27 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL-JACKSONVILLE    Proprietary   236 KEISER  UNIVERSITY                       Private       14,846 BAPTIST COLLEGE OF FLORIDA (THE)         Private       172 CONCORDE CAREER INSTITUTE                Proprietary   400 HOBE SOUND BIBLE COLLEGE                 Private       55 LAKE TECHNICAL COLLEGE                   Public        712 INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY                    Proprietary   52 NUC UNIVERSITY – FLORIDA TECHNICAL COLLE Proprietary   1,830 NUC UNIVERSITY – FLORIDA TECHNICAL COLLE Proprietary   151 NUC UNIVERSITY – FLORIDA TECHNICAL COLLE Proprietary   159 CONCORDE CAREER INSTITUTE                Proprietary   231 SOUTHWEST FLORIDA COLLEGE                Proprietary   615 SOUTHWEST FLORIDA COLLEGE – TAMPA        Proprietary   627 SOUTHWEST FLORIDA COLLEGE – PORT CHARLOT Proprietary   270 CORTIVA INSTITUTE                        Proprietary   83 LA BELLE BEAUTY SCHOOL                   Proprietary   41 CHARLOTTE TECHNICAL COLLEGE              Public        267 WITHLACOOCHEE TECHNICAL COLLEGE          Public        276 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE                   Proprietary   1,502 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE                   Proprietary   606 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE – WEST PALM BEACH Proprietary   888 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE -HIALEAH          Proprietary   78 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE – LAUDERDALE LAKE Proprietary   758 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE –  TAMPA          Proprietary   875 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE – JACKSONVILLE    Proprietary   1,076 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE – BOYNTON BEACH   Proprietary   549 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE – MARGATE         Proprietary   504 FLORIDA CAREER COLLEGE – ORLANDO         Proprietary   680 GEORGE STONE TECHNICAL COLLEGE           Public        513 SCHILLER INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY        Proprietary   62 MIAMI LAKES EDUCATIONAL CENTER AND TECHN Public        399 ORANGE TECHNICAL COLLEGE – WESTSIDE CAMP Public        496 KEY COLLEGE                              Proprietary   13 MERIDIAN COLLEGE                         Proprietary   161 SUNSTATE ACADEMY OF HAIR DESIGN          Private       316 FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF ULTRASOUND          Proprietary   174 FT PIERCE BEAUTY ACADEMY                 Proprietary   86 WYOTECH                                  Private       8 FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY                     Proprietary   23,256 ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY                   Proprietary   165 ORANGE TECHNICAL COLLEGE – MID FLORIDA C Public        1,134 ORANGE TECHNICAL COLLEGE-WINTER PARK CAM Public        266 TALMUDIC COLLEGE OF FLORIDA              Private       8 RIDGE TECHNICAL COLLEGE                  Public        574 ORANGE TECHNICAL COLLEGE – ORLANDO CAMPU Public        1,195 CITY COLLEGE                             Private       626 SARASOTA SCHOOL OF MASSAGE THERAPY       Proprietary   79 JONES TECHNICAL INSTITUTE                Private       330 SUNSTATE ACADEMY – JONES TECHNICAL INSTI Private       9 JONES TECHNICAL INSTITUTE-SUNSTATE ACADE Private       109 ROBERT MORGAN EDUCATIONAL CENTER & TECHN Public        329 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL ORLANDO         Proprietary   251 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL TAMPA           Proprietary   268 FLORIDA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY              Proprietary   1,944 FLORIDA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY – SOUTH CAMP Proprietary   1,367 FLORIDA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY – TRAINING A Proprietary   305 RADFORD LOCKLIN TECH CENTER              Public        138 LA BELLE BEAUTY ACADEMY                  Proprietary   79 MEDTECH INSTITUTE                        Proprietary   590 BREWSTER TECHNICAL COLLEGE               Public        360 SALON PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY – MELBOURNE,  Proprietary   153 WILLIAM T MCFATTER TECHNICAL COLLEGE     Public        656 CORTIVA INSTITUTE                        Proprietary   160 ASM BEAUTY WORLD ACADEMY                 Proprietary   30 BENE’S CAREER ACADEMY                    Proprietary   190 TRINITY COLLEGE OF FLORIDA               Private       181 INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Proprietary   110 NATIONAL AVIATION ACADEMY                Proprietary   688 HODGES UNIVERSITY                        Private       648 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY         Proprietary   408 DECKER SCHOOL OF CONSTRUCTION CRAFTS INC Proprietary   52 MIAMI MEDIA SCHOOL                       Proprietary   39 GEORGE T. BAKER AVIATION TECHNICAL COLG  Public        324 CITY COLLEGE                             Private       352 NOUVELLE INSTITUTE                       Proprietary   7 MERCY HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF PRACTICAL NSG   Proprietary   156 TAYLOR TECHNICAL INSTITUTE               Public        63 TRINITY BAPTIST COLLEGE                  Private       337 MARION COUNTY COMMUNITY TECH & ADUL      Public        733 EVERGLADES UNIVERSITY                    Private       1,347 COM-PU-MED VOCATIONAL CAREERS            Proprietary   53 PRAXIS INSTITUTE                         Proprietary   97 ADVENTHEALTH                             Private       2,490 SOUTHEASTERN COLLEGE                     Proprietary   716 MIAMI AD SCHOOL                          Proprietary   97 OSCEOLA TECHNICAL COLLEGE                Public        520 CAPE CORAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE             Public        339 UNIVERSITY OF ST. AUGUSTINE FOR HEALTH S Proprietary   2,844 NEW PROFESSIONS TECHNICAL INSTITUTE      Proprietary   78 OKALOOSA TECHNICAL COLLEGE AND CHOICE HI Public        262 FLORIDA COLLEGE OF INTEGRATIVE MED       Proprietary   180 FLORIDA GULF COAST UNIVERSITY            Public        21,944 YESHIVA GEDOLAH RABBINICAL COLLEGE       Private       10 SOUTH FLORIDA BIBLE COLLEGE AND THEOLOGI Private       97 ACADEMY FOR NURSING AND HEALTH OCCUPATIO Private       737 BEACON COLLEGE                           Private       445 FLORIDA COASTAL SCHOOL OF LAW            Proprietary   430 NORTH FLORIDA TECHNICAL COLLEGE          Public        161 INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CAREERS           Private       24 ACUPUNCTURE AND MASSAGE COLLEGE          Proprietary   152 ATLANTIC INST OF ORIENTAL MEDICINE       Private       110 EAST WEST COLLG OF NATURAL MEDICINE      Proprietary   88 NEW CONCEPT MASSAGE AND BEAUTY SCHO      Proprietary   38 FORTIS COLLEGE                           Proprietary   470 FORTIS COLLEGE – FORTIS INSTITUTE        Proprietary   547 AMERICAN ADVANCED TECHNICIANS INST       Proprietary   75 ULTIMATE MEDICAL ACADEMY                 Private       8,579 NORTH FLORIDA COSMETOLOGY INSTITUTE      Proprietary   190 ENGLISH CENTER (THE)                     Public        36 FLORIDA BARBER ACADEMY                   Proprietary   58 FLORIDA EDUCATION INSTITUTE              Proprietary   138 SOUTH FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLO      Proprietary   651 AVE MARIA SCHOOL OF LAW                  Private       294 SABER                                    Private       55 WEST COAST UNIVERSITY – MIAMI            Proprietary   704 HOLLYWOOD INSTITUTE                      Proprietary   111 ADVANCE SCIENCE COLLEGE                  Proprietary   76 BEAUTY INSTITUTE (THE)                   Proprietary   111 ARTISTIC NAILS & BEAUTY ACADEMY          Proprietary   298 FLORIDA ACADEMY OF HEALTH & BEAUTY       Proprietary   65 SAE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – MIAMI      Proprietary   108 CAMBRIDGE INSTITUTE OF ALLIED HEALTH     Proprietary   449 UNIVERSAL BEAUTY SCHOOL                  Proprietary   106 FLORIDA SCHOOL OF TRADITIONAL MIDWIFERY  Private       87 DRAGON RISES COLLEGE OF ORIENTAL MEDICIN Private       49 SOUTHERN TECHNICAL COLLEGE               Proprietary   1,572 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL GREAT LAKES PA  Proprietary   84 DAYTONA COLLEGE                          Proprietary   288 AVE MARIA UNIVERSITY                     Private       1,763 NEW COLLEGE OF FLORIDA                   Public        1,603 CDA TECHNICAL INSTITUTE                  Proprietary   356 AVIATOR COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCE  Proprietary   145 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY             Proprietary   321 TRENDSETTERS OF FLORIDA SCHOOL OF BEAUTY Proprietary   75 ATA COLLEGE-ATA CAREER EDUCATION         Proprietary   271 CAMBRIDGE COLG OF HEALTHCARE & TECHNOLOG Proprietary   733 PENSACOLA SCHOOL OF MASSAGE THERAPY & HE Proprietary   81 PALM BEACH ACADEMY OF HEALTH & BEAUTY    Proprietary   74 FUTURE-TECH INSTITUTE                    Proprietary   64 TAYLOR COLLEGE                           Proprietary   362 AVEDA INSTITUTE – SAINT PETERSBURG       Proprietary   817 PAUL MITCHELL THE SCHOOL MIAMI           Proprietary   114 ACADEMY OF CAREER TRAINING               Proprietary   262 MIAMI REGIONAL UNIVERSITY                Proprietary   971 FLORIDA SCHOOL OF MASSAGE                Proprietary   89 SHEAR EXCELLENCE INTERNATIONAL HAIR ACAD Proprietary   112 ACADEMY FOR FIVE ELEMENT ACUPUNCTURE     Private       103 FUTURA CAREER INSTITUTE                  Proprietary   49 AVEDA INSTITUTE – TALLAHASSEE            Proprietary   703 COZMO BEAUTY SCHOOL                      Proprietary   41 CELEBRITY SCHOOL OF BEAUTY               Proprietary   165 EMERALD COAST TECHNICAL COLLEGE          Public        192 FRED K. MARCHMAN TECHNICAL COLLEGE       Public        215 MEDICAL INSTITUTE OF PALM BEACH          Proprietary   98 IMMOKALEE TECHNICAL COLLEGE              Public        148 AMERICAN ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY          Proprietary   138 UNIVERSITY OF FORT LAUDERDALE            Private       238 AVIATION INSTITUTE OF MAINTENANCE        Proprietary   375 L3 COMMERCIAL TRAINING SOLUTIONS AIRLINE Proprietary   139 FLAGLER TECHNICAL INSTITUTE              Public        144 JOSE MARIA VARGAS UNIVERSITY             Proprietary   29 HOLLYWOOD INSTITUTE OF BEAUTY CAREERS    Proprietary   349 SUMMIT SALON ACADEMY                     Proprietary   204 SUMMIT SALON ACADEMY – GAINESVILLE       Proprietary   130 TENAJ SALON INSTITUTE                    Proprietary   55 D. A. DORSEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE           Public        88 SALON PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY (THE)         Proprietary   79 BEAUTY ACADEMY OF SOUTH FLORIDA          Proprietary   91 MILLENNIA ATLANTIC UNIVERSITY            Proprietary   11 HCI COLLEGE                              Proprietary   562 FLORIDA ACADEMY                          Proprietary   254 AMERICAN MEDICAL ACADEMY                 Proprietary   273 TREASURE COAST TECHNICAL COLLEGE         Public        94 APARICIO-LEVY TECHNICAL COLLEGE          Public        207 FLORIDA INSTITUTE OF RECORDING, SOUND AN Proprietary   527 FLORIDA VOCATIONAL INSTITUTE             Proprietary   237 SOUTH DADE TECHNICAL COLLEGE-SOUTH DADE  Public        107 SHEAR FINESSE BEAUTY ACADEMY             Proprietary   53 ULTRASOUND MEDICAL INSTITUTE             Proprietary   106 KAIZEN BEAUTY ACADEMY                    Proprietary   40 PRESTIGE HEALTH & BEAUTY SCIENCES ACADEM Proprietary   27 SAN IGNACIO UNIVERSITY                   Proprietary   17 BOCA BEAUTY ACADEMY                      Proprietary   200 MORE TECH INSTITUTE                      Proprietary   20 INTERAMERICAN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE        Proprietary   24 PARISIAN SPA INSTITUTE                   Proprietary   210 MERRYFIELD SCHOOL OF PET GROOMING        Proprietary   18 MCDOUGLE TECHNICAL INSTITUTE             Proprietary   96 FIRST COAST BARBER ACADEMY               Proprietary   75 GADSDEN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE              Public        35 UNITED INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE             Proprietary   27 LEE PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE               Proprietary   57 ATLANTIS UNIVERSITY                      Proprietary   332 FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE Proprietary   121 LATIN BEAUTY ACADEMY                     Proprietary   33 MED ACADEMY                              Proprietary   126 PIBERRY INSTITUTE                        Proprietary   39 CENTER FOR NEUROSOMATIC STUDIES          Proprietary   32 NATIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE     Proprietary   49 HOPE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES        Proprietary   86 WORLD CLASS ACADEMY OF BEAUTY CAREERS    Proprietary   109 PETS PLAYGROUND GROOMING SCHOOL          Proprietary   23 MEDICAL PREP INSTITUTE OF TAMPA BAY      Proprietary   227 PREMIERE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE           Proprietary   51 FLORIDA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY           Public        2,483 AMERICAN BEAUTY SCHOOLS                  Proprietary   180 UR BEAUTY & BARBER ACADEMY               Proprietary   33 SUNCOAST TECHNICAL EDUCATION CENTER      Public        63 BELLASA PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE           Proprietary   32 INSTALLER INSTITUTE                      Proprietary   46 GLOBAL MEDICAL & TECHNICAL TRAINING INST Proprietary   45 KCK BEAUTY & BARBER ACADEMY              Proprietary   74 ANTIGUA COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL            Proprietary   63 MARIANO MORENO CULINARY INSTITUTE        Proprietary   89 ADRIAN H. WALLACE BARBER ACADEMY (THE)   Proprietary   74 TOTAL BEAUTY INSTITUTE                   Private       88 FLORIDA PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTE           Proprietary   32 RUBEN’S FIVE STAR ACADEMY                Proprietary   18 FLORIDA ACADEMY OF NURSING, THE          Proprietary   257