June 13, 2024


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The Magic of Herb Garden Plants

Herbs have been regarded as the perfect plants for centuries. They are truly a wonder because they provide us with such a wide variety of practical usefulness and beauty. Herb Garden Plants have been indispensable to the betterment of humanity. In times past herbal remedies were the primary solution available to man for curative relief. Medicinal herb plants have been the inspiration for all modern pharmaceuticals.

Other uses for these wonderful plants include landscaping. That’s right! Landscaping. Some herb plants have beautiful flowers, leaves and foliage. They can accent any flower garden or floral arrangement with incredible beauty or create attractive beauty in stand alone applications. Notable examples of ornamental herb plants include; dittany of Crete, valerian, borage and chicory.

Fragrant aromas are another gift presented by herb plants. Throughout recorded history aromatic herbs have been treasured for there heavenly aromas. It is believed that Cleopatra charmed Antony with pleasant herbal based perfumes. And where would we be without the indispensable “Fussy Tussy Mussy?” These were little bouquets of the most aromatic herbs. In the days before modern sewage disposal, conditions on city streets could be a little tough to endure. A tussy mussy was a necessary item that a proper lady would never venture far without. Keeping their nose buried in their tussy mussy allowed the lady of the day to move about the malodorous streets of the day. This is an example of the valuable contributions aromatic herbs have made to humanity.

Herb plants are one of the special wonders of nature. They have many uses ranging from medicinal, aromatic, culinary to landscaping. Their unique characteristics afford yet another use not usually associated with the wonder plants and that is they make great gifts. Herbs combined attributes of flavors, aromas and beauty allow the creation of meaningful and unique gifts. Examples of herb gifts include: nifty napkin rings, spruced up gift wrapping, swingin’ herbal swag, herbal good vinegar and herbal recipes.

Certain herbs can even be used as organic pest controls. There as some herbs that emit odors that will repel harmful insects from other garden plants. With the proper plant selection and location a vegetable gardener can protect his or her garden without the use of chemical pesticides. In addition to protecting vegetable plants from harmful insects herbs planted near tomato plants will improve the flavor of the tomatoes.

Listed above are many of the things that herbs can do for us but by far the most popular and well know function of herbs is in cooking. It is not known for sure but it is generally accepted that the use of herbs in food has been around as long as man has been cooking food. The widespread use of culinary herbs has been evident in every culture and some ask the reason why. Many academic explanations have been offered such as it stimulates the appetite, or it aids in digestion or it makes foul food edible but the answer to that academic question is simple and obvious. Ask anyone how spaghetti would taste without basil. Simply stated herbs make food taste good. That is the answer to the question and it is a tribute to the hard working plants that they continue to serve man down through the centuries.

Becoming a herb gardener opens the door to the wonderful world of herbs to you and your family. If you haven’t already made this discovery get started today on your path to herb happiness.