September 25, 2023


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What Is Japans Favorite Fast Food?

Imagine grilling chicken on an apron – any time of the day or night! But wait…there’s more: Yakitori! In Japan, barbecued chicken is served on a wooden stick before being cooked over charcoal.

This culinary treat goes beyond taste buds; it also incorporates culture.

Yakitori and Japanese Culture

Chicken used to be a rare luxury in Japan prior to the Meiji Restoration period which began around 1868. During this era, meat was introduced into the Japanese diet for the first time ever – leading to high demand for chicken meat which soon became an expensive luxury item.

Small stalls selling vegetables and skewered fish outside temples were also a popular sight. To meet the increasing demand for chicken, the first chicken kebab shop opened nearby to capitalize on rising costs. Since chicken meat was still costly, these stall owners used gristle or carcasses from higher-end restaurants as filler material to create their tasty yet cheap version of poultry using the popular skewering technique. As they say – the rest is history! Yakitori evolved over time into various textures and tastes, becoming an iconic Japanese snack today.

Yakitori in Japan

Yakitori is a traditional Japanese dish that can be prepared in Japan. The type of yakitori that you get depends on what part of the chicken was used – from thighs and breast meat to gristle and cartilage to hearts and livers. Popular varieties include:

Negima. Negima is a type of skewered chicken thigh meat adorned with leeks between each piece, making it one of the most sought-after types of yakitori.

Momo. These are simply pieces of skewered chicken breast meat.

Tsukune. Tsukune, a Japanese yakitori that differs from its past in that it uses minced chicken and egg along with vegetables and spices that are skewered on a stick, as well as small meatballs.

Torikawa: Perhaps the most iconic of all grilled chicken dishes from small stalls outside temples, Torikawa consists of strips of fatty chicken skin that have been grilled until crisp and golden-brown.

Nankotsu. Nankotsu reminds me of the first chicken kebab stands, with its skewered and crunchy cartilage with very little chicken meat.

Japanese chefs and restaurants love to experiment with traditional Japanese food by adding different sauces, spices, as well as different meats like seafood, beef or pork. You can also complement these yakitori snacks by adding green onions, shitake mushrooms, green peppers or eggplant. Sake and beer are often enjoyed along with these delightful bite-size kebabs that were traditionally filled into a rectangular clay box measuring only two feet long by two or so inches wide – known as the Teppanyaki grill — the hot steel plates found at many Japanese restaurants’ tables in Japanese eateries around Japan.

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Mi is the juicy, meaty part of chicken; Shiro Me is its healthier and tastier counterpart.

SunaGimo, also known as Reba or kimo, is the chewy, chicken-like liver found within. This piece of poultry can be enjoyed raw or cooked.

Sinzo is the heart. This rich, meaty part of the chicken.

Torikawa is its skin – that crispy outer layer.

Tebasaki, known affectionately as Tebasaki, is a favorite part of chicken for those who appreciate the flavor. Yakitori, also known as yakitori, provides something fun and tasty that can be eaten either as a snack or meal. Sushi Inc. in Downtown St. Petersburg offers this unique experience – stop by today to enjoy it!

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