May 25, 2024


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Benefiting from selling ice cream is easy — just order branded paper ice cream cups that catch the eye of the buyer

3 Ice Cream Marketing Strategies that Will Increase Sales

Paper Ice Cream Cups —  The Best Way to Benefit

When the weather is excellent, you daydream of long beach days, pool days, and cool sundaes. That is why investing in the best ice cream cups is worthwhile. These cups are great for producing excellent ice cream to your preference. Learn a variety of forms and styles to satisfy your creative demands and the wants of all your clients.

A professional ice cream vendor purchases various-sized ice cream paper cups. As a result, you may choose from a variety of tiny, medium, and extensive paper ice creams in the collection, all of which are of high quality and available for purchase in quantities of 100 pieces or more. The most common problem with ice cream is that it melts too quickly in small dishes. However, if you served ice cream in paper ice cream cups more petite than the large bowl and spoon, the ice cream would stay frozen for much longer. This way, you can enjoy your ice cream without worrying about it melting before you enjoy it!

Product Features

Paper products have several features:

  • Suitable for all kinds of cold desserts.
  • Elegant presentation.
  • Compatible with different lid models.

Ice creams made of cardboard are covered in PLA. Bioplastic can tolerate temperatures of -40 to 105 degrees Celsius. Of course, the covering prevents water from getting into the paper ice cream cups.

A timeless favorite is cool milk ice cream with fruit topping. Fruit is frequently served hot with a sweet sauce, such as Amarena cherries. Ice cream with hot fruit works well in containers other than cups. Cardboard cups are resistant to temperature changes as well.

The best type of portion packaging for everyone’s favorite treat

Paper cups have several advantages over their plastic counterparts:

  • A double lamination of the glass makes it possible to enjoy the dessert without discomfort for the hands and also provides high moisture resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly material is safe when in contact with food.
  • Easy disposal, recycling.
  • Low price.
  • The ability to apply a high-quality bright image, unlike plastic.

You can buy paper packaging for ice cream by placing an order on the website.

Large selection of options

For selling ice cream, frozen yogurt, ice chips, and other treats outside the home and for takeout, disposable ice cream paper cups are the ideal answer. There are numerous valuable sizes and many choices available in the range. The emphasis is on hard paper ice cream cups, which may be custom printed with your brand, a marketing message, or an exceptional corporate design, in addition to being offered in a variety of standard neutral methods. Additionally, there are ecologically friendly disposable cups in the selection that are created from biodegradable and renewable raw materials, making them perfect for ethical and sustainable ice cream sales.

Sales are influenced by the appearance in addition to quality. Take Away ice cream cups are printed with the famous fruit motif on the outside. This means that they can be used everywhere. The colorful motif is visible from afar and does more than just attract young children to your ice cream stand.