July 14, 2024


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Berkeley’s Historic Claremont Club and Spa

Berkeley’s Historic Claremont Club and Spa

With an amazing club and pool, delicious dining options, and located in beautiful Berkeley, California, the Claremont Club and Spa should top your list for next vacation spots.

The Claremont Club and Spa.

With the world opening up again, I was so excited to be given the opportunity to travel again and visit the amazing Claremont Club and Spa by Fairmont Hotels. Located on the east side of the San Fransisco Bay in Berkeley, California, this hotel not only offered amazing seaside views, but an incredible club and dining experience.

About the Claremont Club and Spa

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Honestly one of the best parts of staying at the Claremont was knowing the history of just how long it has been standing. The Claremont Club and Spa first opened its doors to guests back in 1915, so staying in a hotel that is over 100 years old was really special!

Hotel room at the claremont club and spa Edited

Despite the age of the building, the guest rooms are luxurious and contemporary, creating a perfect marriage between modernity and the history of the building. My room included a phenomenal view of the San Fransisco skyline, along with an incredibly comfortable bed that I got all to myself!

The tennis courts at the Claremont club and spa.

The real highlight of the Claremont is their club. All guests are granted full access to the activities offered at the Club, and they offer tennis, swimming, fitness classes, children’s activities, as well as hiking nearby. Personally, the Fitness Center is where I spent my time with a good workout, like one of their yoga classes, followed by time in either the dry sauna or steam room.

Pool at the claremont Edited

Of course the pool was nice for more than just swimming, but relaxing and soaking up some of that famous California sunshine!

THe Local Dining

Breakfast and the claremont club and spa Edited

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a huge part of traveling for me is the food. I opted to dine in my room for breakfast at The Claremont and was far from disappointed with the delicious spread they delivered. Of course, if in-room dining isn’t your style, they also have great brunch offered on weekends at the Limewood Bar and Restaurant. Or you could visit East Bay Provisions, for more of a cafe-style dining experience.

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I enjoyed most of my meals at the Limewood Bar and Restaurant located on the property, and was impressed with the delicious array of seafood offered. The menu changes with the seasons to ensure that only the freshest, hand-selected ingredients are used. I really enjoyed both the whole fish and their fried chicken!

Outdoor dining at the claremont club ands pa Edited

My favorite part of eating at Limewood? The outdoor views. Enjoying a refreshing cocktail while watching the sunset over the bay was the epitome of relaxation.

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My stay at the Claremont Club and Spa was the perfect balance of relaxation with wellness and recreation. Whether you are looking to get away for a weekend or a full week, you’ll find the relaxation and activity you seek.

Disclosure: The Claremont Club and Spa hosted my accommodations and meals during my stay, but all opinions are my own.