December 2, 2022


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Dodo (Nigerian Plantains) Recipe

Why It Performs

  • Frying the plantains at a average temperature presents them lots of time to caramelize. 
  • The slice of the plantain will figure out the cooking time: Extended, diagonal slices with extra floor area will get a little bit for a longer time to cook by than diced plantain.

Dodo (no, not the chicken) is a easy preparing of sweet, ripe plantains that’s well-liked throughout Nigeria. You are going to find it sliced and deep-fried as a snack, relished as the primary event along with stews, sauces, fried yams, and sweet potatoes (an additional popular street meals), or served as an accompaniment to rice and beans. 

The greatest plantains for dodo, in my mind, have yellow skins speckled with a handful of black places and give a very little when pressed, which together suggest a diploma of ripeness that will produce tender, sweet fried plantains with crispy edges. Other people desire to use totally black plantains for their candy-like sweetness and custardy texture, whilst some choose for agency, starchy yellow or environmentally friendly types. 

Severe Eats / Maureen Celestine

Choices also arrive into participate in when getting ready the plantains. Some dodo enthusiasts welcome the plantains reduce to any condition and dimensions. Other people are distinct that the dodo should be reduce in a way that will make sense for how they will be served: compact cubes to accompany jollof rice, rounds to pair with stewed beans, or sliced on a bias in larger slabs to serve as far more of a primary dish. For me, tiny items make perception for pairings in which dodo is a aspect or accompaniment―a spoonful of diced dodo and creamy beans equilibrium a person a different greater than a bigger slice of plantain would. It is all about the ratios! And when I’m acquiring dodo on its possess, a mouthful of caramelized sweetness that much larger slices deliver paired with just a contact of sauce, enables the deliciousness of dodo to shine.

Serious Eats / Maureen Celestine

Even so the plantains are slice, the up coming decision is how and whether to period, with salt remaining the most frequent option. Some never salt their plantains, on the other hand I, and some others like me, value the extreme “swalty” (sweet and salty) flavors that occur from salting. Plantains really don’t have a large humidity content material so salting them in advance of frying does not draw out any liquids―it is purely for taste. (Texturally, they also truly feel much less gritty publish-salting and frying.) In addition to salt, you can time with just one or additional warming spices, this sort of as cayenne, ground ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, to complement the caramelized plantain, which is typical of Ghana’s kelewele, a spiced fried plantain dish. When it will come to cooking, dodo is fried in vegetable oil, unrefined purple palm oil, or a mix of each (to temper the smoky flavor of palm oil) till golden brown. 

Serious Eats / Maureen Celestine

Dodo is a dish I take in normally, which signifies I often have ripe plantains on hand. Its sweet, caramelized flavor and flexibility as an appetizer, aspect dish, or main training course simply cannot be beat. Because its texture variations soon after refrigeration and reheating (getting dense, chewy, and even chalky), dodo is very best when it’s freshly fried.