November 28, 2022


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OXO Drip Coffee Maker Review

Straight to the Issue

The OXO Brew 8-Cup Espresso Maker is our most loved brewer below $200. You can go through our entire critique of automatic drip coffee makers in this article.

Espresso products can be spartan. Our best drip espresso maker only has a person button, as does our most loved espresso grinder. And although a lot of coffee specialists (myself provided) would argue that a basic machine that does a great job is superior than one particular with a ton of characteristics, the attention to detail current in the OXO Brew 8-Cup Espresso Maker makes it standout even among the ideal-of-the-best brewers.

OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker

Also readily available at OXO and Williams Sonoma cost at time of publish is $200.

It is our prime espresso maker under $200 and it really is qualified by the Specialty Coffee Association, proving it can maintain a brew temperature involving 195-205ºF and complete a brew cycle in less than 6 minutes (both of those of which assistance to make certain consistently excellent coffee time soon after time). Like our other winners, it has a developed-in bloom cycle, which saturates the grounds with some of the brew water to advertise even extraction. 

I put in 16 many years in coffee education and learning hoping to teach people today tips to hack their home coffee brewer, so it’s refreshing to see a coffee maker that just simple performs. Even so, what truly sets the OXO 8-Cup brewer aside are the little, consumer-centered features—four of them, specially.

#1: The Reservoir

Critical Eats / Jesse Raub

To get started, the brewer’s reservoir has a crystal clear indicator that each cup line marking represents five ounces, which is some thing I’ve under no circumstances witnessed in advance of. Measuring your drinking water precisely is vital to receiving the most out of your coffee brewer, but other suppliers make you guess at how considerably a “cup” is on their quantity guidelines. (And it is why with other brewers I have opted to measure drinking water with a liquid measuring cup very first alternatively.) Although I would want to see the volume detailed in liters to more quickly determine a brew ratio, any quantity illustration is a earn. 

#2: The Sprayhead

Really serious Eats / Jesse Raub

A further great feature is the sprayhead. Good tasting espresso demands h2o evenly saturating the espresso bed, and this OXO brewer is built with a sprayhead that not only delivers water uniformly, but can also be disassembled for much easier cleansing and descaling. 1 of the primary reasons coffee makers split is that their sprayheads get clogged with scale, so this very small depth lets customers to tend to their brewer’s longevity in a more thorough way. 

#3: The More compact Filter Basket Insert

Really serious Eats / Jesse Raub

What continue to floors me about the brewer, nevertheless, is the inclusion of a 2nd, lesser filter basket insert. I have penned thoroughly about the value coffee mattress depth has on even extraction, and a smaller sized basket insert signifies that there is a deep ample coffee mattress when brewing beneath 20 ounces to avert channeling. If you are the only espresso drinker in the household, or from time to time just want a single cup in the afternoon, this is the only brewer I’d suggest to deal with these smaller sized volumes. The tricky element is figuring out which quantity to swap the baskets at. In testing, I identified that brews of 500 milliliters of water or much less worked great with the smaller basket, when brews over just one liter were being finest suited for the bigger basket. In amongst, it was trickier to figure out the turning level, in which the amount of coffee would lead to the smaller basket to overflow or depart dry places in the larger basket, however this could be remedied by fiddling with the grind size. 

#4: The Drip Tray

Significant Eats / Jesse Raub

My favored function, however, has to be the drip tray. I know. It is straightforward, but I could not title yet another drip espresso maker that capabilities one particular like it. On the OXO 8-Cup brewer, it’s made to flip above and act as a riser when brewing immediately into a mug or journey cup, but even with a drip cease and a brew-as a result of lid, there are usually the occasional “it’s too early” times of espresso spills. The constructed-in drip tray retains the coffee from heading all above your counter, and I have had several, lots of days in which I could have undoubtedly have made use of this element on a house brewer. 

So, Is it Well worth It?

Critical Eats / Jesse Raub

At the end of the day, my like of this brewer is self-serving. As a longtime coffee pro, I get kin and buddies and friends of buddies generally asking what sort of espresso maker they must get. And as a lot as I really like talking shop about coffee, it is wonderful to be capable to recommend a piece of machines that doesn’t call for caveats or unique directions and just definitely, truly is effective though costing much, considerably much less than other top quality brewers.


How do I descale my OXO coffee maker?

The best way to descale a brewer is by making use of a espresso equipment descaler, which is then dissolved and run as a result of your machine’s typical brew cycle. Tricky water can leave calcium and magnesium deposits as scale in your brewer, which can clog above time. A descaler is the very best way to break these deposits up with out leaving damaging substances or lasting odors in your brewer.

What sort of filters does the OXO 8-cup espresso maker use?

The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker will come with two otherwise sized filter baskets. The regular, greater basket is created to in shape regular flat-bottom coffee filters, while the scaled-down basket fits Kalita Wave 185 filters