September 25, 2023


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Sev (Crunchy Fried Chickpea Noodles) Recipe

Sev (Crunchy Fried Chickpea Noodles) Recipe

Why It Functions

  • Whilst sev dough is traditionally very rigid and demands an extruder, ours is a bit looser and is quickly manufactured using a piping bag.

Sev are crunchy fried noodles manufactured from a dough of chickpea flour and h2o. Chickpea flour, also named gram or besan flour, is a staple in South Asian cooking. It can be created from possibly raw or roasted chickpeas and is very crunchy when fried. It really is normally applied to batter and fry vegetables in a fashion equivalent to tempura.

Usually, the dough is extremely stiff and pressed via a brass extruder into warm oil. This rigid dough yields dense and sturdy sev, but it is unachievable to cook dinner without the need of a sev extruder. I want a thick batter as a substitute, which can be quickly extruded with just a piping bag. The sev made from this batter has a more reserved crunch, but it is a compromise I am satisfied to make if it indicates I can abstain from paying for this kind of a certain unitasker. Stored in an airtight container, sev stays crisp for a very long time, making it excellent for preparing in large batches.

November 2017

This recipe was initially printed as a ingredient of our Papri Chaat (Indian Road Snack With Potato, Chickpeas, and Chutneys) Recipe and is getting republished below as a independent recipe to make it less complicated to use.