July 21, 2024


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Wheatgrass Juice – Four Reasons To Drink It

When you take living wheatgrass juice it and take a shot of the fresh liquid, almost immediately the nutrients travel into the bloodstream and every cell, system and organ of the body becomes energized. Many people know that wheatgrass juice is good for the acid alkaline balance of the body, but many people are not aware of the other top reasons for drinking it. From how it energizes the body, the nutrients it delivers, how they build up the bodys cells, and how it cleanses the body of unhealthy toxins. This article will discuss the top four reasons for drinking fresh or powdered wheatgrass juice.

1. Energy

The amount of energy that comes from a shot of this juice in the morning is incredible. It is a great idea to start every morning with a shot of fresh wheatgrass juice as an alternative to drinking tea or coffee. It has been often said that two shots of whatgrass juice is a near equivalent to three pounds of fresh vegetables in vitamins, minerals and live nutrient energy. Just like how dark green spinach leaves contain concentrated nutrients, it is filled with many of the same elements.

2. Nutrients

The human body only requires so many different vitamins and minerals to function effectively through life. As far as the digestive system is concerned, two or three shots of fresh grass can contain enough nutrient to replace a meal. This is because we need to eat enough vegetables on a regular basis to fulfill our needs for complete protein, over thirty different enzymes and fresh chlorophyll. Our body requires vegetables to keep a balanced level of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulphur, cobalt, and zinc. But can we build our bodies with anything other then natural foods?

3. Growth

Our body’s digestive system always needs high amounts of chlorophyll and enzymes to function at its best. In order to deliver nutrients to the cells of the body, we need healthy hemoglobin cells in our blood. The chlorophyll that comes from whatgrass juice and other green vegetables contains proteins that closely match that of our body’s molecules. This way we build our blood cells which in turn increases the oxygen that they can deliver to the organs and systems of the body. It assists the body in rebuilding cells while also lowing the blood pressure. But how can it build the body while simultaneously cleansing the body of toxins?

4. Detox

The cells of the body are able to eliminate waste and toxins through the lymph system. The lymph system bathes the cells and carries away the waste. The amount of lymph in your body is three times that off the blood in the body. There are a number of factors in wheatgrass juice that stimulate this system by eliminating mucus, clearing the joints and muscles while clearing the stomach. This is how the body begins the process of sweating out toxins that accumulate in the cells of the body.

When you consider nutrition and health, there are much more then four reasons to regularly drink wheatgrass juice. But on a more basic level, giving the body more energy, more nutrients, more cell growth, while stimulating the lymph system to detox are critical to living health. Because the health of your body is in direct relation to the health of your cells, systems and organs of the body.