December 9, 2023


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Parchment Paper Rounds for Cakes

peeling parchment paper round off bottom of round cake pan.

Nowadays I’m going for walks you by my favored approach for making certain spherical cakes don’t stick to the baking pans: parchment paper rounds. This is these a uncomplicated idea, but it helps make a large change!

peeling parchment paper round off bottom of round cake pan.
homemade wedding cake layers

Parchment Rounds

Lining cake pans with parchment rounds is the trick I use just about every solitary time I bake a spherical cake, regardless of whether I’m making a 1-layer straightforward sprinkle cake, a 9-layer Smith Island cake, or even a home made marriage ceremony cake. No extra caught cakes, be sure to.

Retail store-purchased pre-cut parchment rounds are effortless, but it’s genuinely quick to just make them yourself, and more value-helpful, much too. I in particular like that you can minimize the precise pan dimension you want, irrespective of whether you are making a 6-inch cake, an 8-inch cake, or a 9-inch cake.

If you really do not make a lot of spherical cakes, just lower them as you want them. If you bake a whole lot, slash many at a time and store them with your baking pans or cake-baking resources, completely ready for the up coming time you bake.

Video Tutorial

It is a really easy principle, but I figured showing you the process in a video would be most useful. No matter what measurement or manufacturer of round cake pan you’re utilizing, here’s how to get ready it for baking:

Grab These 4 Things to Make Parchment Rounds

  1. Parchment/baking paper: You can use any brand name, and possibly brown or white.
  2. Cake pan(s): Make certain you have high-quality cake pans. From just one baker to a further, I swear by Unwanted fat Daddio’s cake pans. Extraordinary high quality for the price tag. I’m not working with this manufacturer, I’m just a authentic supporter.
  3. Pencil
  4. Scissors

Some Do it yourself procedures for earning parchment paper rounds instruct you to fold a sq. a bunch of moments. I never do that I find tracing a circle and reducing it out to be less difficult.

How to Line a Spherical Cake Pan

Phase 1: Trace the Cake Pan on the Parchment. If you’re making use of a roll of parchment paper, commence by measuring out how significantly you will will need for the quantity of pans you will be employing, and slash it off the roll. Set just one of your cake pans on the parchment, keep it constant with just one hand, and trace about it with a pencil. Repeat this move for even so many cake pans you are arranging to use.

tracing a round cake pan on brown parchment paper.

Step 2: Lower Inside the Circle. Minimize out the circles, just inside the pencil line.

cutting out a circle of parchment paper.

Stage 3: Lightly Grease the Pan. Extremely frivolously grease the cake pan with butter or nonstick spray. I usually use coconut oil nonstick spray or “baking spray,” which has a very little flour in it. You could also just grease it with butter.

Step 4: Line the Pan With Parchment Spherical. Place the parchment spherical inside of, urgent it to the bottom of the pan.

Move 5: Lightly Grease the Parchment. Certainly, you grease the pan and then also grease the parchment. This results in an extremely-nonstick surroundings for your cake. The cake won’t stick to the pan, and the parchment spherical will not stick to the cake.

Action 6: Pour in Cake Batter and Bake.

pouring batter in round cake pan lined with parchment paper round.

Peel Off the Parchment Round

When the cake has cooled, run a slim knife all over the edge, invert the cake on your hand or get the job done surface, then carry off the cake pan. The parchment round may well remain in the pan, or stay on the bottom of the cake. (I obtain it’s diverse with every single recipe.) But whichever it “sticks” to, you just want to peel it off.

Peel off the base of your cake or bottom of your pan, whichever it “sticks” to:

And voila! You have a lovely spherical cake that releases very easily from the pan.

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How do I address a frosted cake with out ruining the frosting? A cake provider! I own a handful of these and they are an absolute lifesaver when it will come to storing and transporting cakes.

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