July 24, 2024


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The Chronicles of the Delectable Coffee Cake

Did it ever occur to you how the delicious coffee cake is made? Though it does not have any coffee in it, it tastes superbly coffee like. It is remarkable to think that someone so indigenous and creative can come up with a pastry which everybody loves.

This type of cake has been in existence for many centuries now and in various locations all over the world. Just like the honey cakes which co-existed with the Bible. Later on the French people invented the precursor to the prevalent fruit cakes seen during the holiday season which they call the galettes. This also resulted to the creation of sweetened yeast rolls which in turn resulted to the formation of Danish coffee cakes which at that time really contained coffee.

During the 17th century in Europe, coffee drinking with sweet yeast bread has been a traditional practice. The immigrants from France, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Sweden took with them a bread for breakfast formula in coming to North America. The formulas consist of eggs, yeast, flour which has been used, sugar, spices, dried fruits and nuts. Through the years, a lot of people have done tryouts with these recipes. They have also supplemented cheese, creamy fillings, sweetened fruit and yogurt for better taste.

These coffee cakes have gained popularity in the streets of Delaware, New Jersey and New York. The formula that was used during the immigration period is the same that is used today. It is also from the people of northwestern Europe that we are able to give in to the idea of coffee break. This to most people is a relaxing time from a hard day’s work. The Britons also have their own adaptation with toffee for a more delectable taste.

As 1879 started, coffee cakes have become very famous in the American society. There were multitude of formulas for crumb cakes, streusel cakes and a combination of both. The crumb cake has a topping combination of crumbly flour, cinnamon, butter and sugar. The streusel cake has a cinnamon with brown sugar in a rotating form up to the middle of the cake. This at times can be misinterpreted. Streusel is a German word for granules which goes to say that streusel refers to the toppings made of crumbs and not the rotating design.

In the modern day setting, coffee cakes are done in a Bundt pan which is a ring that has a hole in the middle. This pan was invented by H. David Dalquist of Nordic Ware in 1950. It all started when his Jewish customers told him that they longed to taste the cakes in European style but wanted to make the cakes in a pan with a hole in the middle. The holes can make heat go through the batter making the dough in the middle cooked. He was provided with a kugelhopf pan and immediately made his own kind with the use of aluminum. But instead of making the cake pans circular in shapes just like the kugelhopf, he presented parallel folds in the ruffled edges.

Coffee cakes are the best pastries to start your day. These can be eaten with any kind of beverage be it coffee or soda. A delectable piece of coffee cake is a sure way to be familiar with its history along with the fine taste that goes with it.