May 18, 2024


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The finest foodstuff for survival

Is your head regularly spinning with outlandish, brain-burning queries? If you’ve ever wondered what the universe is made of, what would materialize if you fell into a black gap, or even why not every person can contact their toes, then you ought to be positive to hear and subscribe to Request Us Nearly anything, a model new podcast from the editors of Well-liked Science. Question Us Anything at all hits Apple, Anchor, Spotify, and just about everywhere else you listen to podcasts just about every Tuesday and Thursday. Each individual episode takes a deep dive into a one query we know you’ll want to stick close to for.

This week, we investigated no matter whether you can endure by having a solitary form of foods. Although we wouldn’t recommend this as part of a healthier diet—and why would you when there are so many delectable foodstuff out there—we made guaranteed to response the question accurately and scientifically. While you will have to pay attention to the total episode for suitable context, I will say that it is not quick and it would consider a lot of that one foods item. We’re speaking dozens and dozens of potatoes. 

The major motive this would be so difficult is that there are lots of micronutrients, which includes several vitamins and minerals, that we require to survive. All foodstuff have much more of some and fewer of some others, so relying on just a person type of sustenance for all our nutritional needs is truly demanding. There’s a purpose that the U.S. nutritional guidelines recommend eating a selection of fruits, veggies, grains, meats, and cheeses.

Possibly using a deep dive into one meals product is the least difficult way to display that a assorted food plan is truly the finest matter you can do for your body. So if you want to know how many potatoes you’d have to have to eat to survive, be confident to tune in to this week’s episode of Talk to Us Everything. Tune in below, and go through the article that inspired this episode right here.